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Ballads, Cavalier Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns and Jigs of England

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Undone! undone! the lawyers cry / The Lawyers' Lamentation For The Loss Of Charing-Cross - Melody
Unquiet Grave, The - Melody
Unto thine hand, O God of truth - Melody
Up aloft amid the rigging / Rolling Home - Melody
Up tayles all - Melody
Up to your waist in water / Oh it's a lovely war! - Melody
Upon a Summers day - Melody
Upon His Majesty's Coming To Holmby - Melody
Upon The Cavaliers Departing Out Of London - Melody
Upon The General Pardon Passed By The Rump - Melody
Useful Plow, The - Melody


Vanity of Life - Melody
Vanity of the Creature Sanctified - Melody
Vanity of the World - Melody
Vicar of Bray, The - Melody
Vive Le Roy - Melody


Waiting for Spring - Melody
Waken, lords and ladies gay / Hunting Song - Melody
Walking with God - Melody
Walking with God - Melody
Warlike Seamen - Melody
Warwickshire R.H.A., The - Melody
Wassail, wassail all over the town / Gloucestershire Wassail - Melody
Watchman, tell us of the night - Melody
Water is Wide, The - Melody
Watt's Cradle Song - Melody
We are a garden walled around - Melody
We are Fred Karno's army - Melody
We are in Kitchener's army - Melody
We are the D-Day Dodgers / D-Day Dodgers - Melody
We bless the Lord, the just, the good - Melody
We give Thee but Thine own - Melody
We have a King, and yet no King / A Mad World, My Masters - Melody
We love thee, Lord, and we adore - Melody
We meet today in Freedom's cause / Hold the Fort - Melody
We sing the almighty power of God - Melody
We Three Kings of Orient Are - Melody
We were homeward bound one night on the deep / Lord Franklin - Melody
We Were Pharaoh's Bondmen - Melody
Wealth breeds care, love, hope, and fear / The Whigs Drowned In An Honest Tory Health - Melody
Wearied by day with toils and cares - Melody
Weary of wandering from my God - Melody
Wedding Song, The - Melody
Weel May the Keel Row - Melody
Weeping Mary - Melody
Welcome, sweet day of rest - Melody
We'll Meet Again - Melody
We'll sing the praise of future days / The Optimistic Laborites - Melody
We're Coming In On The Wing and a Prayer - Melody
We're going to hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line - Melody
We're laying in Surrey Dock one day / Stormy Weather Boys - Melody
West Country Wager, The - Melody
What a mournful life is mine / Dwelling in Mesech - Melody
What Booker doth prognosticate /When The King Enjoys His Own Again - Melody
What Child is This, Who, Laid to Rest - Melody
What creature's that, with his short hairs / The Roundhead - Melody
What pen can well report the plight / Another of Seafarers, describing Evil Fortune - Melody
What Shall I Render - Melody
What think you of Christ? is the test / What Think Ye of Christ? - Melody
What though the zealots pull down the prelates / Vive Le Roy - Melody
Wheat and Tares, The - Melody
Wheear 'as ta bin sin ah saw thee / Ilkley Moor - Melody
When Adam fell he quickly lost / Cain and Abel - Melody
When All Men Sing - Melody
When all thy mercies, O my God - Melody
When any turn from Zion's way / Will Ye Also Go Away? - Melody
When Britain first at Heaven's command / Rule Britannia - Melody
When captaines couragious, whom death cold not daunte / Mary Ambree - Melody
When Christ to judgment shall descend - Melody
When descending from the sky / The Foolish Virgins - Melody
When first I came to P.T.S / Jumping Through the Hole - Melody
When first I went a-waggoning / The Jolly Waggoner - Melody
When first my soul enlisted / Saul's Armor - Melody
When first to make my heart his own / Dagon Before the Ark - Melody
When God is nigh, my faith is strong - Melody
When good King Richard / Ballad of Richard III - Melody
When Hannah pressed with grief - Melody
When Harry the tailor was twenty years old / Harry the Tailor - Melody
When HMS Hood went down in the deep / The HMS Hood - Melody
When I can read my title clear - Melody
When I first landed in Liverpool / Jackie Brown - Melody
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross - Melody
When I was a lad I served a term - Melody
When I was apprenticed in London / Blow the Candles Out - Melody
When I was bound apprentice / The Lincolnshire Poacher - Melody
When in the field of Mars we lye / The Loyal Soldier - Melody
When Isr'el sins, the Lord reproves - Melody
When Israel heard the fiery law / The Golden Calf - Melody
When Israel's tribes were parch'd with thirst / That Rock was Christ - Melody
When Israel was from Egypt freed / He Led Them By a Right Way - Melody
When Jesus claims the sinner's heart / Satan Returning - Melody
When Joseph his brethren beheld / Joseph Made Known to His Brethren - Melody
When Joseph was an old man / Cherry Tree Carol - Melody
When Joshua, by God's command / Gibeon - Melody
When man grows bold in sin - Melody
When mighty Roast Beef Was the Englishman's food / Roast Beef of old England - Melody
When, overwhelm'd with grief - Melody
When Peter boasted, soon he fell / Peter Sinning and Repenting - Melody
When sinners utter boasting words / They Shall Be Mine, Saith the Lord - Melody
When snow transforms the hedgerow thorn / When All Men Sing - Melody
When, streaming from the eastern skies - Melody
When the beloved disciple took / The Little Book - Melody
When the disciples crossed the lake / But One Loaf - Melody
When the fighting was at its fiercest / British Soldier's Discharge Song - Melody
When the great Judge, supreme and just - Melody
When The King Comes Home In Peace Again - Melody
When The King Enjoys His Own Again - Melody
When the Lights Go Up In London - Melody
When this lousy (bleeding) war is over - Melody
Where shall the man be found - Melody
Whigs Drowned In An Honest Tory Health, The - Melody
While I keep silence, and conceal - Melody
While men grow bold in wicked ways - Melody
While shepherds watched their flocks - Melody
While with ceaseless course the sun / Time How Swift - Melody
Whirligig - Melody
Whish - Melody
Whistling Gypsy came over the hill / The Gypsy Rover - Melody
White Cliffs of Dover - Melody
White Cockade - Melody
Who comes this way so blithe and gay? / The Christmas Tree - Melody
Who killed Cock Robin? / Cock Robin - Melody
Who seeks the way to win renown / Sir Richard Grenville's Farewell - Melody
Who shall ascend thy heav'nly place - Melody
Who shall inhabit in thy hill - Melody
Whole Nation's Lamentation, The - Melody
Whup Jamboree - Melody
Why did the Jews proclaim their rage? - Melody
Why did the nations join to slay - Melody
Why do the proud insult the poor - Melody
Why do the wealthy wicked boast - Melody
Why do we mourn departing friends - Melody
Why does your brand sae drop wi' blude / Edward, Edward - Melody
Why doth the Lord stand off so far? - Melody
Why doth the man of riches grow - Melody
Why has my God my soul forsook - Melody
Why kept your train-bands such a stirre? / The Cities Loyaltie To The King - Melody
Why should I vex my soul, and fret - Melody
Why Should We Quarrel For Riches - Melody
Widdicombe Fair - Melody
Wife Of Usher's Well, The - Melody
Will God for ever cast us off? - Melody
Will Ye Also Go Away? - Melody
Willow Tree, The - Melody
Win At First And Lose At Last - Melody
Winster Wakes there's ale and cakes - Melody
Wisdom - Melody
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye - Melody
With broken heart and contrite sigh - Melody
With earnest longings of the mind - Melody
With face and fashion to be known / The Puritan - Melody
With face and fashion to be known / The Tub-Preacher - Melody
With fife and drum he marched away / Johnny Has Gone - Melody
With my whole heart I'll raise my song - Melody
With rev'rence let the saints appear - Melody
With Satan, my accuser, near / A Brand plucked out of the Fire - Melody
Within the Father's house - Melody
Woman of Canaan - Melody
Woman of Samaria, The - Melody
Woodycock - Melody
Wooing Song of a Yeoman of Kent's Sonne - Melody
Word Supreme, before creation - Melody
World Turned Upside Down, The - Melody
Worldling, The - Melody
Wraggle Taggle Gypsies, The - Melody
Write to Sardis, saith the Lord / Sardis - Melody


Ye choirs of new Jerusalem - Melody
Ye gentlemen of England who live home / The Bay of Biscay, Oh! - Melody
Ye holy souls, in God rejoice - Melody
Ye mad caps of England who merry would make - Melody
Ye merry hearts that love to play / A New Game At Cards: Or, Win At First And Lose At Last - Melody
Ye nations round the earth, rejoice - Melody
Ye nymphs and sylvan gods / The Milking-Pail - Melody
Ye sons of earth prepare the plow / The Sower - Melody
Ye sons of pride, that hate the just - Melody
Ye watchers and ye holy ones - Melody
Yeoman's Carol - Melody
"Yet," saith the Lord, if David's race - Melody
Yorkshire Horse Dealer, The - Melody
You brave loyal Churchmen / King Charles The Second's Restoration, 29th May - Melody
You Friends to Reformation / The Saint Turned Sinner - Melody
You gentlemen and sportsmen / The Mummer's Song - Melody
You may have heard of the politique snout / A New-Year's Gift For The Rump - Melody
You Royalists all, now rejoice and be glad / The Loyalist's Encouragement - Melody
You rural goddesses, that woods and fields possess / The Milk-Maid's Life - Melody
Young Rambleaway - Melody
Young women they run like hares on the mountain / Hares On the Mountain - Melody


Zaccheus climbed the tree / Zaccheus - Melody
Zion, or the City of God - Melody

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