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Ballads, Cavalier Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns and Jigs of England

Sorted by first line of lyric AND title. All titles are in italics.

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Mad World, My Masters, A - Melody
Mademoiselle from Armentieres - Melody
Mage on a Cree - Melody
Maid of Tottenham, The - Melody
Maker and sovereign Lord - Melody
Manchester Angel, The - Melody
Mandesse - Melody
Manna Hoarded - Melody
Manna to Israel well supplied / Manna - Melody
Marching to Zion - Melody
Martha her love and joy expressed / Martha and Mary - Melody
Mary Ambree - Melody
Mary to her Saviour's tomb / Weeping Mary - Melody
Matey - Melody
May Day Carol - Melody
May we Thy precepts, Lord, fulfil - Melody
Maybe it's Because I'm a Londoner - Melody
Mayd peept out of the window - Melody
Mayden Lane - Melody
Maypole, The - Melody
Me have of late been in England / The French Report - Melody
Meal and Cruse of Oil, The - Melody
Mercy, O thou Son of David! / Bartimaeus - Melody
Merry Boys Of The Times, The - Melody
Merry Broomfield, The - Melody
Merry Fellows, The - Melody
Merry Merry Milke Mayds - Melody
Milch Kine Drawing the Ark: Faith's Surrender of All - Melody
Milifield - Melody
Milisons Jeg - Melody
Milk-Maid's Life, The - Melody
Milke Mayds Bob - Melody
Milking-Pail, The - Melody
Miller and His Sons, The - Melody
Miller of Dee, The - Melody
Mine eyes and my desire - Melody
Miner’s Lifeguard, The - Melody
Miracle at Usher's Well - Melody
More ballads! - here's a spick and span new supplication / A Free Parliament Litany - Melody
More love to Thee, O Christ - Melody
More With Us Than With Them - Melody
Morning breaks upon the tomb - Melody
Most gracious and omnipotent / The Long Parliament - Melody
Mournful Subjects, The - Melody
Mow, The - Melody
Mummer's Song, The - Melody
My barns are full, my stores increase / The Worldling - Melody
My Boy Willie - Melody My cap is frozen to my Head / Cold and Haily Night - Melody
My dear Redeemer and my Lord - Melody
My Father, for another night - Melody
My friend, if you will understand / Great Boobee - Melody
My God, accept my heart this day - Melody
My God, how many are my fears! - Melody
My God! how perfect are thy ways! / Jehovah Our Righteousness - Melody
My God, how wonderful You are - Melody
My God, in whom are all the springs - Melody
My God, my everlasting hope - Melody
My God, my Father, while I stray - Melody
My God, my King, Thy various praise - Melody
My God, permit my tongue - Melody
My God, the Spring of all my joys - Melody
My God, the steps of pious men - Melody
My God! till I received thy stroke / Ephraim Repenting - Melody
My Grace is Sufficient For Thee - Melody
My heart rejoices in thy name - Melody
My hope is built on nothing less - Melody
My Jesus I Love Thee - Melody
My Lord Willoughbies Welcome Home - Melody
My masters, and friends, and good people, draw near / A Caveat for Cutpurses - Melody
My Name is Jacob - Melody
My never-ceasing songs shall show - Melody
My refuge is the God of love - Melody
My Savior and my King - Melody
My Savior, my almighty Friend - Melody
My Shepherd is the living Lord - Melody
My Shepherd will supply my need - Melody
My song shall bless the Lord of all / Jehovah-Jesus - Melody
My soul, be on thy guard - Melody
My soul, how lovely is the place - Melody
My soul once had its plenteous years / Plenty in a Time of Dearth - Melody
My soul, repeat His praise - Melody
My spirit looks to God alone - Melody
My spirit sinks within me, Lord - Melody
My sweetheart, come along! / The Sweet Nightingale / Down in Those Valleys Below - Melody
My trust is in my heav'nly Friend - Melody


Naaman - Melody
Nancy Dawson - Melody
Nay, I cannot let Thee go / My Name is Jacob - Melody
Near Woodstock town in Oxfordshire / The Auxville Love - Melody
New Boe peepe - Melody
New castle - Melody
New Courtier, The - Melody
New Droll, A - Melody
New every morning is the love - Melody
New Exchange - Melody
New Game At Cards, A - Melody
New Litany, The - Melody
New Moon, The - Melody
New-Mown Hay, The - Melody
New New Nothing - Melody
New-Year's Gift For The Rump, A - Melody
Night Peece - Melody
Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, A - Melody
Nobleman's Daughter, The - Melody
Nobleman's Generous Kindness, The - Melody
None such - Melody
None Upon Earth I Desire Besides Thee - Melody
Not all the blood of beasts - Melody
Not comin' back to-night, matey / Matey - Melody
Not to the terrors of the Lord - Melody
Now, all you blokes, take my advice / The Cockies of Bungaree - Melody
Now be my heart inspired to sing - Melody
Now Christmas is comen and New Year begin / Cornish Wassail - Melody
Now do I be a very young country boy / Buttercup Joe - Melody
Now fare thee well, London / Upon The Cavaliers Departing Out Of London - Melody
Now from the altar of my heart - Melody
Now from the roaring lion's rage - Melody
Now I'm convinced the Lord is kind - Melody
Now is the Hour When we must say good-bye - Melody
Now let our lips with holy fear - Melody
Now let our mournful songs record - Melody
Now may He who from the dead - Melody
Now may the God of power and grace - Melody
Now Orange is on Brittish shore / The Prince of Orange's Triumph - Melody
Now our work's done, thus we feast / The Mow - Melody
Now plead my cause, Almighty God - Melody
Now shall my solemn vows be paid - Melody
Now, since we're met, let's merry, merry be / The Merry Fellows - Melody
Now some folks'll tell you that drinkings a curse / Jolly Well Drunk - Melody
Now the day is over - Melody
Now the light has gone away - Melody
Now the Rump is confounded / The Second Part of St. George for England - Melody
Now the winter is come with its cold chilling breath / Time to Remember the Poor - Melody

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