Buttercup Joe

Melody -

Now do I be a very young country boy
My father came from Fareham.
He had another six just like I;
By Christ, how he could rare 'em.
Now, do my mum make dumplings nice
I bet you'd like to try 'em.
I've yet to find me a better one,
A country boy like I am.
For I can drive a plow and milk a cow;
I can reap and mow.
I'm as fresh as a daisy that grows in the field,
And they calls I "Buttercup Joe."

2. Now there be a pretty girl that I love,
They calls her "our Mary."
She works busy as a bumblebee
Down in old Jones's dairy.
Now work and cook and irk and sew
And use the smoothing iron,
And I'm gonna take her for a wife,
A country boy like I am.

3. Now we're gonna buy us our own barn
When I put by some money.
We'll put the bees in sacks of corn;
They can make us bread and honey.
And I'll have hops in every field
And a big oast-house to dry 'em.
I'll brew the best ale in the land,
A country boy like I am.

4. Now Mary, her was family,
And I will not propose it.
She's got one of them on the way,
And I don't think that she knows it.
So we'll get married in yonder church
Before it's lambing time,
And settle down to raise some girls
And country boys like I am.

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