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Ballads, Cavalier Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns and Jigs of England

Sorted by first line of lyric AND title. All titles are in italics.

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O bless the Lord, my soul! - Melody
O Blessed souls are they - Melody
O Blow the Man Down - Melody
O, Come, All Ye Faithful - Melody
O could I speak the matchless worth - Melody
O day of rest and gladness, of day of joy and light - Melody
O dear! What can the matter be? - Melody
O did you ever hear of the brave Earl Brand / The Brave Earl Brand and the King of England's Daughter - Melody
O Father, all creating - Melody
O! for a closer walk with God / Walking with God - Melody
O, for a faith that will not shrink - Melody
O for a shout of sacred joy - Melody
O For a Thousand Tongues - Melody
O God, my refuge, hear my cries - Melody
O God of God, O Light of Light - Melody
O God of grace and righteousness - Melody
O God of Jacob, by whose hand - Melody
O God of mercy, God of might - Melody
O God of mercy, hear my call - Melody
O God, the help of all Thy saints - Melody
O happy nation, where the Lord - Melody
O help us, Lord, each hour of need - Melody
O holy night! the stars are brightly shining - Melody
O hope of every contrite heart - Melody
O! I went into the stable, and there for to see / Old Wichet and His Wife - Melody
O it's a lovely war! - Melody
O Jesus, crucified for man - Melody
O light, whose beams illumine all - Melody
O Little Town of Bethlehem - Melody
O Lord, how many are my foes - Melody
O Lord, I Will Praise Thee! - Melody
O Lord of heaven and earth and sea - Melody
O Lord of hosts, whose glory fills - Melody
O Lord, our heav'nly King - Melody
O Lord, our Lord, how wondrous great - Melody
O Lord, Who in Thy love divine - Melody
O mother dear, Jerusalem - Melody
O, No John - Melody
O one with God the Father - Melody
O perfect life of love! - Melody
O perfect Love, all human thought transcending - Melody
O Saviour, bless us ere we go - Melody
O Saviour, precious Saviour - Melody
O Saviour, whom this holy morn - Melody
O sisters too, How may we do / Coventry Carol - Melody
O soldier, soldier, won't you marry me - Melody
O take me in your arms, love / The Willow Tree - Melody
O That I Were As In Months Past! - Melody
O, that the Lord would guide my ways - Melody
O the cuckoo she's a pretty bird / The Cuckoo - Melody
O the holly and the ivy / The Holly And The Ivy - Melody
O Thou from whom all goodness flows - Melody
O Thou that hear'st when sinners cry - Melody
O Thou whose justice reigns on high - Melody
O what a stiff rebellious house - Melody
O what's the matter with you my lass / The Recruited Collier - Melody
O Word of God Incarnate - Melody
O worship the King, all glorious above - Melody
Oak and the Ash, The - Melody
Of a rich counsellor I write / The Crafty Lover / The Lawyer Outwitted - Melody
Of all the trades in England / A-Beggin' I Will Go - Melody
Oft as the leper's case I read / The Leper - Melody
Oil of Barley - Melody
Old Adam - Melody
Old Barbed Wire, The - Melody
Old Jemmy is a lad - Melody
Old Man and His Three Sons, The - Melody
Old Man and His Three Sons, The (earlier version) - Melody
Old Man's Song, The - Melody
Old Mole - Melody
Old Protestant's Litany, The - Melody
Old Sir Robert Bolton had three sons / The Jovial Hunter of Bromsgrove - Melody
Old-Testament Gospel - Melody
Old Wichet and His Wife - Melody
Old Year now away has fled, The - Melody
On Christmas night all Christians sing - Melody
On the Death of a Believer - Melody
On Ilkley Moor Baht 'at - Melody
On man, in his own image made / Adam - Melody
On One Stone Shall be Seven Eyes - Melody
On Opening a Place For Social Prayer - Melody
On our way rejoicing - Melody
On Richmond Hill there lives a lass / The Lass of Richmond Hill - Melody
On the 23rd of February / The 23rd of February - Melody
On the Death of a Minister - Melody
On the first day of Christmas / The Twelve Days of Christmas - Melody
On the noble fleet of whalers out sailing from Dundee / The Balena - Melody
On what has now been sown - Melody
On wings of living light - Melody
On yonder hill there stands a maiden / O, No John - Melody
Once a woman silent stood / The Two Debtors - Melody
Once I had a hawk, and a pretty grey hawk / The Grey Hawk - Melody
Once I loved a Mayden faire - Melody
Once I was a civvy lad / Browned Off - Melody
Once perishing in blood I lay / Humbled and Silenced By Mercy - Melody
One aweful word which Jesus spoke / The Blasted fig-tree - Melody
One there is, above all others / A Friend That Sticketh Closer Than a Brother - Melody
One Thy Light, the Temple filling - Melody
Onward Christian soldiers - Melody
Onward, Christian soldiers! / Christians At War - Melody
Oppressed with unbelief and sin / My Grace is Sufficient For Thee - Melody
Optimistic Laborites, The - Melody
Our God, our help in ages past - Melody
Our Lord, who knows full well / The Importunate Widow - Melody
Our oats they are howed, and our barley's reaped / The Country Farmer's Vain Glory - Melody
Out of the deep I call - Melody
Outlandish Knight - Melody
Over the Hills and Far Away - Melody
Oxford and Cambridge shall agree / When The King Comes Home In Peace Again - Melody
Oyle of Barly, The - Melody


Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag - Melody
Paddy Get Back - Melody
Painful Plough, The - Melody
Parliament Routed, The, Or Here's A House To Be Let - Melody
Parsons farwell - Melody
Paul's Steeple - Melody
Paul's Voyage - Melody
Paul's Wharfe - Melody
Pensive, doubting, fearful heart / To the Afflicted, Tossed With Tempests and Not Comforted - Melody
Peppers black - Melody
Peter Released From Prison - Melody
Peter Sinning and Repenting - Melody
Peter Walking Upon the Water - Melody
Petticoat wag - Melody
Philadelphia - Melody
Physician of my sin-sick soul / A Sick Soul - Melody
Picking of sticks - Melody
Pleading For Mercy - Melody
Plenty in a Time of Dearth - Melody
Plough's Praise, The - Melody
Ploughboy, The - Melody
Polly Oliver - Melody
Pool of Bethesda, The - Melody
Pool of Bethesda, The - Melody
Poor Esau repented too late / Esau - Melody
Poor Joe, the marine, was at Portsmouth well known / Poor Joe the Marine - Melody
Poor Old Horse, The - Melody
Poor Old Soldier - Melody
Poor sinners! little do they think / Belshazzar - Melody
Poor, weak and worthless though I am / Is This Thy Kindness to Thy Friend - Melody
Power and Triumph of Faith, The - Melody
Power of the Sword, The - Melody
Praise, my soul, the King of heaven - Melody
Praise of a Dairy, The - Melody
Praise, oh, praise, our God and King - Melody
Praise the Lord! O Heavens, adore him - Melody
Praise to God, immortal praise - Melody
Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for thee - Melody
Praise we the Lord this day - Melody
Praise ye the Lord, my heart shall join - Melody
Prattle Your Pleasure Under The Rose - Melody
Prayer an answer will obtain / Woman of Canaan - Melody
Prayer For a Blessing - Melody
Prayer for Children - Melody
Prayer for the Lord's Promised Presence - Melody
Preserve me, Lord, in time of need - Melody
Pretty Flowers - Melody
Prince of Orange Welcome to London, The - Melody
Prince of Orange's Triumph, The - Melody
Prince Ruperts March - Melody
Private Jones came in one night / Kiss Me Good-Night, Sergeant-Major - Melody
Prodigal Son, The - Melody
Protecting Brewer, The - Melody
Punks delight - Melody
Puritan, The - Melody

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