The Balena

Melody - Seq. by Helmut Uthof

On the noble fleet of whalers out sailing from Dundee,
Well manned by British sailors to work them on the sea;
On the western ocean passage none with them can compare
For there's not a ship could make the trip as the "Balena" I declare.
And the wind is on her quarter and her engine working free
And there's not another whaler a-sailing from Dundee
Can beat the aul' "Balena" and you needna try her on
For we challenge all both large and small from Dundee to St.Johns.

2. There's the new built "Terra Nova", she's a model with no doubt
There's the "Arctic" and "Aurora", you've heard so much about
There's Jacklin's model mail-boat, the terror of the sea
Couldn't beat the aul "Balena" boys, on a passage from Dundee.

3. And it happened on the Thursday four days after we left Dundee
Was carried off the quarter boats all in a raging sea
That took away our bulwark, our stanchions and our rails
And left the whole concern boys, a-floating in the gales.

4. Bold Jacklin carries canvas and fairly raises steam
And Captain Guy's a daring boy, goes ploughing through the stream
But Millan says the "Eskimo" could beat the bloomin' lot
But to beat the aul' "Balena" boys, they'd find it rather hot.

5. An' now that we've landed boys, where the rum is mighty cheap
We'll drink success to the Capt'n, for gettin' us o'er the deep
And a health to all our sweathearts, an' to our wives so fair
Not another ship could make that trip but the "Balena" I declare.

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