The Puritan

Melody - "An old Courtier of the Queen's"

Cavalier Ballad; John Cleveland

With face and fashion to be known,
For one of sure election;
With eyes all white, and many a groan,
With neck aside to draw in tone,
With harp in's nose, or he is none:
See a new teacher of the town,
Oh the town, oh the town's new teacher!

2. With pate cut shorter than the brow,
With little ruff starch'd, you know how,
With cloak like Paul, no cape I trow,
With surplice none; but lately now
With hands to thump, no knees to bow:

3. With coz'ning cough, and hollow cheek,
To get new gatherings every week,
With paltry change of and to eke,
With some small Hebrew, and no Greek,
To find out words, when stuff's to seek:

4. With shop-board breeding and intrusion,
With some outlandish institution,
With Ursine's catechism to muse on,
With system's method for confusion,
With grounds strong laid of mere illusion:

5. With rites indifferent all damned,
And made unlawful, if commanded;
Good works of Popery down banded,
And moral laws from him estranged,
Except the sabbath still unchanged:

6. With speech unthought, quick revelation,
With boldness in predestination,
With threats of absolute damnation
Yet YEA and NAY hath some salvation
For his own tribe, not every nation:

7. With after license cast a crown,
When Bishop new had put him down;
With tricks call'd repetition,
And doctrine newly brought to town
Of teaching men to hang and drown:

8. With flesh-provision to keep Lent,
With shelves of sweetmeats often spent,
Which new maid bought, old lady sent,
Though, to be saved, a poor present,
Yet legacies assure to event:

9. With troops expecting him at th' door,
That would hear sermons, and no more;
With noting tools, and sighs great store,
With Bibles great to turn them o'er,
While he wrests places by the score:

10. With running text, the named forsaken,
With for and but, both by sense shaken,
Cheap doctrines forced, wild uses taken,
Both sometimes one by mark mistaken;
With anything to any shapen:

11. With new-wrought caps, against the canon,
For taking cold, tho' sure he have none;
A sermon's end, where he began one,
A new hour long, when's glass had run one,
New use, new points, new notes to stand on:

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