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Ballads, Cavalier Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns and Jigs of England

Sorted by first line of lyric AND title. All titles are in italics.

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Keeper, The - Melody
Kemps Jeg - Melody
Kettle Drum - Melody
King and the Countryman, The - Melody
King Charles The Second's Restoration, 29th May - Melody
King James I and the Tinkler - Melody
King, The - Melody
Kiss Me Good-Night, Sergeant-Major - Melody
Knees up Mother Brown - Melody
Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter, The - Melody
Know this, my brethren, heaven is clear / Hey, Then, Up Go We - Melody


Lady Alice was sitting in her bower window / Lady Alice - Melody
Lady Cullen - Melody
Lady lye neare me - Melody
Lady spillers - Melody
Lamb of God, we fall before Thee - Melody
Lamkin - Melody
Lamp of our feet whereby we trace - Melody
Land of Hope and Glory - Melody
Laodicea - Melody
Lass of Richmond Hill, The - Melody
Last News From France, The - Melody
Lavans - Melody
Lawyer Outwitted, The - Melody
Lawyers' Lamentation For The Loss Of Charing-Cross, The - Melody
Lay by your pleading, law lies a bleeding / The Dominion Of The Sword - Melody
Lead on, O King Eternal - Melody
Leathern Bottel, The - Melody
Leaving of Liverpool, The - Melody
Legion was my name by nature / The Legion Dispossessed - Melody
Leper, The - Melody
Let all that are to mirth inclined - Melody
Let all the earth their voices raise - Melody
Let Carthage Queen be now no more / The Bowes Tragedy - Melody
Let children hear the mighty deeds - Melody
Let Christians all with joyful mirth / Yeoman's Carol - Melody
Let every man with tongue and pen / The Jubilee, Or The Coronation Day - Melody
Let God arise in all his might - Melody
Let sinners take their course - Melody
Let songs of praises fill the sky - Melody
Let thoughtless thousands choose the road - Melody
Let us adore the grace that seeks / The Lord's Call to His Children - Melody
Let Us the Infant Greet, in worship before Him fall - Melody
Let Zion in her King rejoice - Melody
Let's leave off our labour, and now let's go play / A Catch - Melody
Let's say goodbye with a smile, dear / We'll Meet Again - Melody
Lift the strain of high thanksgiving - Melody
Lift up, lift up your voices now! - Melody
Like silver lamps in a distant shrine - Melody
Lime Juice Ship - Melody
Lincolnshire Poacher, The - Melody
Lisbon - Melody
Listen to me and you shall hear / The World Turned Upside Down - Melody
Little Barly-Corne, The - Melody
Little Book, The - Melody
Liverpool Judies, The - Melody
Lodestone, The - Melody
London Gentlewoman - Melody
Long Parliament, The - Melody
Long Preston Peg to proud Preston went - Melody
Look Unto Me, and Be Ye Saved - Melody
Looking Unto Jesus - Melody
Looking Upwards in a Storm - Melody
Lord Bateman was a noble lord - Melody
Lord Delaware - Melody
Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing - Melody
Lord, for to-morrow and its needs - Melody
Lord Franklin - Melody
Lord, hast thou cast the nation off? - Melody
Lord, I am thine; but thou wilt prove - Melody
Lord, I am vile, conceived in sin - Melody
Lord, I can suffer thy rebukes - Melody
Lord, I will bless thee all my days - Melody
Lord, I would spread my sore distress - Melody
Lord, if thine eye surveys our faults - Melody
Lord, if thou dost not soon appear - Melody
Lord, in the morning Thou shalt hear - Melody
Lord Is My Portion, The - Melody
Lord, it belongs not to my care - Melody
Lord of Glory, who hast bought us - Melody
Lord of heaven and earth and sea - Melody
Lord of my life, whose tender care - Melody
Lord of the Church, we humbly pray - Melody
Lord of the harvest, hear - Melody
Lord of the worlds above, how pleasant and how fair - Melody
Lord Thomas of Winesberry - Melody
Lord, thou hast called thy grace to mind - Melody
Lord, thou hast seen my soul sincere - Melody
Lord, thou hast won, at length I yield / The Rebel's Surrender to Grace, Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do? - Melody
Lord, thou wilt hear me when I pray - Melody
Lord, 'tis not that I did choose Thee - Melody
Lord, we confess our numerous faults - Melody
Lord, we have heard thy works of old - Melody
Lord, what a feeble piece - Melody
Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I - Melody
Lord, what was man, when made at first - Melody
Lord, when thou didst ascend on high - Melody
Lord, when we bend before Thy throne - Melody
Lord, while for all mankind we pray - Melody
Lord, who at Cana's wedding-feast - Melody
Lord, who throughout these forty days - Melody
Lord Will Provide, The - Melody
Lord's Call to His Children, The - Melody
Lot in Sodom - Melody
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling - Melody
Love Has Brought Me To Despair - Melody
Love-Tokens - Melody
Lovest Thou Me? - Melody
Lovest Thou Me? - Melody
Loyal Soldier, The - Melody
Loyalist's Encouragement, The - Melody
Lulling beyond thee - Melody
Lustily, Lustily - Melody

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