The Lawyers' Lamentation For The Loss Of Charing-Cross

Melody -

Cavalier Ballad; From a Collection of Loyal Songs, 1610 to 1660

Undone! undone! the lawyers cry,
They ramble up and down;
We know not the way to Westminster
Now Charing-Cross is down.
Now fare thee well, old Charing-Cross,
Then fare thee well, old stump;
It was a thing set up by a King,
And so pull'd down by the rump.

2. And when they came to the bottom of the Strand
They were all at a loss:
This is not the way to Westminster,
We must go by Charing-Cross.

3. The Parliament did vote it down
As a thing they thought most fitting,
For fear it should fall, and so kill 'em all
In the House as they were sitting.

4. Some letters about this Cross were found,
Or else it might been freed;
But I dare say, and safely swear,
It could neither write nor read.

5. The Whigs they do affirm and say
To Popery it was bent;
For what I know it might be so,
For to church it never went,

6. This cursed Rump-rebellious crew,
They were so damn'd hard-hearted;
They pass'd a vote that Charing-Cross
Should be taken down and carted:

7. Now, Whigs, I would advise you all,
'Tis what I'd have you do;
For fear the King should come again,
Pray pull down Tyburn too.

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