The Jubilee, Or The Coronation Day

Melody -

Cavalier Ballad; From Thomas Jordan's "Royal Arbor of Loyal Poesie," 1664

Let every man with tongue and pen
Rejoice that Charles is come agen,
To gain his sceptre and his throne,
And give to every man his own;
Let all men that be
Together agree,
And freely now express their joy;
Let your sweetest voices bring
Pleasant songs unto the King,
To crown his Coronation Day.
2. All that do thread on English earth
Shall live in freedom, peace, and mirth;
The golden times are come that we
Did one day think we ne'er should see;
Protector and Rump
Did put us in a dump,
When they their colours did display;
But the time is come about,
We are in, and they are out,
By King Charles his Coronation Day.

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