King Charles The Second's Restoration, 29th May

Melody - "Where have you been, my lovely sailor bold?"

Cavalier Ballad

You brave loyal Churchmen,
That ever stood by the crown,
Have you forgot that noble prince
Great Charles of high renown,
That from his rights was banish'd
By Presbyterians, who
Most cruelty his father kill'd? -
O cursed, damned crew!
So let the bells in steeples ring,
And music sweetly play,
That loyal Tories mayn't forget
The twenty-ninth of May.

2. Twelve years was he banish'd
From what was his just due,
And forced to hide in fields and woods
From Presbyterian crew;
But God did preserve him,
As plainly you do see,
The blood-hounds did surround the oak
While he was in the tree.

3. As Providence would have it,
The hounds did lose their scent;
To spill the blood of this brave prince
It was their whole intent.
While that he was in exile,
The Church they pull'd down,
The Common-prayer they burnt, sir,
And trampled on the crown.

4. They plunder'd at their pleasure,
On lords' estates they seiz'd,
The bishops they did send away,
They did just as they pleas'd.
But General Monk at last rose up,
With valiant heart so bold,
Saying, that he no longer
By them would be controul'd.

5. So in great splendour
At last he did bring in,
Unto every Torie's joy,
Great Charles our sovereign.
Then loyal hearts so merry
The royal oak did wear,
While balconies with tapestry hung -
Nothing but joy was there.

6. The conduits they with wine did run,
The bonfires did blaze,
In every street likewise the skies
Did ring with loud huzzas, -
Saying, God bless our sovereign,
And send him long to reign,
Hoping the P-n crew
May never rule again.

7. Soon as great Charles
Our royal King was crown'd,
He built the Church up again,
The meetings were pull'd down.
No canting then was in the land,
The subjects were at peace,
The Church again did flourish,
And joy did then increase.

8. The cursed Presbyterian crew
Was then put to the flight,
Some did fly by day,
And others run by night.
In barns and stables they did cant,
And every place they could;
He made them remember
The spilling royal blood.

9. May God for ever
Bless the Church and Crown,
And never let any subject strive
The King for to dethrone.
May Churchmen ever flourish,
And peace increase again;
God for ever bless the King,
And send him long to reign.

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