The Prince of Orange's Triumph

The Downfall of the Distressed Jesuits

Melody - "Courigio"

From Pepys Ballads, 1930, Vol.III

Now Orange is on Brittish shore,
Come from his long Voyage O;
Now Orange is on Brittains'shore,
Come from his long Voyage O;
We now shall have no Masses more,
But will pull down their Scarlet Whore,
Couragio, Couragio, Couragio.

2. Now all her Brats we understand,
Does weep at this Voyage O,
And forced are to quit the Land,
For fear of a strong Hempen Band,

3. While here they Sung their Antick Song
Bfore the brave Voyage O,
The best of Subjects they did wrong,
But now they run away ding dong,

4. The London Lads was much concern'd
At Fryars in this Age O,
Therefore their Wooden Gods they burn'd
And Trinkets into Ashes turn'd,

5. They never stood to count their Cost,
They being in a Rage O,
Their' Beads and Crucifix they lost,
Was ever Jesuitss so Crost,

6. Their hopes were turn'd to slavish fears,
At this August Voyage O,
Some sigh'd and stew'd in brinish Tears,
While others sneak'd & hung their Ears,

7. The Prince of Orange Heavens bless
Who cam on this Voyage O,
The Jesuitss to dispossess
God grant him evermore Successes,

8. When we beheld his Glorious Fleet
Sailing on their Voyage O,
Our whole desire was to meet,
The Kindgoms blessings to compleat,

9. Now Welcome to our English Shore,
And now we will ingage O,
To Thump the Babilonish Whore,
And kick her Trumpery out the door;

10. A short and merry life they led,
Before this rare Voyage O,
But now Old Peters he is fled,
And some in Newgate hide their Head

11. That Valiant Prince who hither came,
Our Sorrows to asswage O,
O let his Right Renowned Name
Recorded be in Books of Fame,

12. He undertook a Glorious Cause,
In this Warlike Voyage O
To keep us from Rome's Rav'nous Paws
And to preserve our Lives and Laws,

13. Now let us all United be,
And then I will engage O,
In little space we soon shall free
This Land from Popish Tyranny;

14.We value not the French-man's Frown
Who threatens to engage O,
We'll Raze the Walls of e'ery Town,
And beat their lofty Towers down

15. If it should be our happy chance,
With Monsieur to Engage O,
With Forces thither we'll advance,
And shake the very Crown of France,

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