O Lord of Hosts, Whose Glory Fills

Melody - "O Heilige Dreifaltigkeit", Nikolaus Herman, 1560; Seq. by Richard Jordan

John M. Neale, 1844

O Lord of hosts, whose glory fills
The bounds of the eternal hills
And yet vouchsaf'st, in Christian lands,
To dwell in temples made with hands.

2. Grant that all we who here today
Rejoicing this foundation lay
May be in very deed Thine own,
Built on the precious Cornerstone.

3. Endue the creatures with Thy grace
That shall adorn Thy dwelling place.
The beauty of the oak and pine,
The gold and silver, make them Thine.

4. To Thee they all belong, to Thee,
The treasures of the earth and sea;
And when we bring them to Thy throne,
We but present Thee with Thine own.

5. Endue the hearts that guide with skill,
Preserve the hands that work from ill,
That we who these foundations lay
May raise the top-stone in its day.

6. Both now and ever, Lord, protect
The temple of Thine own elect;
Be Thou in them and they in Thee,
O ever-blessed Trinity!

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