The Cockies of Bungaree

Melody -

Now, all you blokes, take my advice
And do your daily toil,
But don't go out to Bungaree
To work on the chocolate soil.
For the days they are so long, my boys,
They'll break your heart in two;
And if ever you work for cocky Bourke
You very soon will know.
Oh we used to go to bed, you know,
A little bit after dark.
The room we used to sleep in,
It was just like Noah's Ark
There were dogs and rats and mice and cats
And pigs and poulteree.
I'll never forget the time we had
While down in Bungaree!
2. On the thirsty Monday morning, sure,
To work I had to go.
My noble cocky says to me,
Get up! You're rather slow.
The moon was shining gloriously,
And the stars were out, you see,
And I thought before the sun would rise
I'd die in Bungaree.

3. Oh, he called me to my supper
At half past eight or nine,
He called me to my breakfast
Before the sun could shine,
And after tea was over,
All with a merry laugh,
The old cocky says to me,
We'll cut a bit of chaff.

4. Now when you are chaff-cutting,
Boys, isn't it a spell?
Yes, by Jove, says I, it is,
And it's me that knows it well!
For many of those fellows
With me they disagree,
For I hate the jolly nightwork that
They do in Bungaree.

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