Melody -

WWI, 1915

Not comin' back to-night, matey,
And reliefs are comin' through,
We're all goin' out all right, matey,
Only we're leavin' you.
Gawd! it's a loody sin, matey,
Now that we've finished the fight,
We go when reliefs come in, matey,
But you're stayin' 'ere to-night.
2. Over the top is cold, matey
You lie on the field alone,
Didn't I love you of old, matey,
Dearer than the blood of my own
You were my dearest chum, matey
(Gawd! but your face is white)
But now, though reliefs 'ave come, matey,
I'm goin' alone to-night.
3. I'd sooner the bullet was mine, matey
Goin' out on my own,
Leavin' you 'ere in the line, matey,
All by yourself, alone.
Chum o' mine and you're dead, matey,
And this is the way we part,
The bullet went through your head, matey,
But Gawd! it went through my 'eart.

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