Ye Mad Caps of England

Melody -

Late 18th Century

Ye mad caps of England who merry would make,
And for your brave valour would pains undertake,
Come over to Flanders and there you shall see,
How merry we'll make it, how frolic we'll be.

2. If you've been a citizen broke by mischance,
And would by your courage your credit advance,
Here's stuff to be won by venturing your life,
So you leave at home a good friend by your wife.

3. But if upon wenches you've spent all your means,
And still your mind runs upon whores and queans,
Here's wenches enow that with you will go,
From leaguer to leaguer, in spite of your foe.

4. Your serjeants and officers are very kind,
If that you can flatter and speak to their mind,
They will free you from duty and all other trouble,
Your money being gone, your duty comes DOUBLE!

5. As soon as you've come to your enemies' land,
Where fat goose and capon you have at command,
Sing take them or eat them or let them alone,
Sing go out and fetch them or else you get none.

6. And when you break an arm, or a leg,
You shall have your pass thro' the country to beg.
Your officer promises you some other pay,
But the soldier ne'er gets it, no, not 'till DOOMS-DAY!

7. At last when you've come to your enemies' walls,
Where many a brave gallant and gentleman falls,
And when you have done the best that you can,
Your captain rewards you, "There dies a brave man!"

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