The Cities Loyaltie To The King

Melody - "London is a fine town and a gallant city"

Cavalier Ballad; Aug. 13th, 1647

Why kept your train-bands such a stirre?
Why sent you them by clusters?
Then went into Saint James's Parke?
Why took you then their musters?
Why rode my Lord up Fleet-street
With coaches at least twenty,
And fill'd they say with aldermen,
As good they had been empty?
London is a brave towne,
Yet I their cases pitty;
Their mayor and some few aldermen
Have cleane undone the city.

2. The 'prentices are gallant blades,
And to the king are clifty;
But the lord mayor and aldermen
Are scarce so wise as thrifty.
I'le pay for the apprentices,
They to the King were hearty;
For they have done all that they can
To advance their soveraignes party.

3. What's now become of your brave Poyntz?
And of your Generall Massey?(1)
If you petition for a peace,
These gallants they will slash yee.
Where now are your reformadoes?
To Scotland gone together:
'Twere better they were fairly trusst
Then they should bring them thither.

4. But if your aldermen were false,
Or Glyn, that's your recorder! (2)
Let them never betray you more,
But hang them up in order.
All these men may be coach't as well
As any other sinner
Up Holborne, and ride forwarde still,
To Tyburne to their dinner.

5. God send the valiant General may
Restore the King to glory! (3)
Then that name I have honour'd so
Will famous be in story;
While if he doe not, I much feare
The ruine of the nation,
And (that I should be loth to see)
His house's desolation.

(1) Poyntz and Massey were staunch Presbyterians, and their party counted on their assistance in opposing the army: but they withdrew, when the quarrel seemed to be near coming to extremities.

(2) Glynn was one of the eleven members impeached by the army.

(3) It was believed at this time that Fairfax was favourable to the restoration of the King.

The city of London made several demonstrations this year to support the Presbyterian party in the Parliament against the Independents and the army.

In the latter end of September, after the army had marched to London, and the Parliament acted under its influence, the lord mayor and a large part of the aldermen were committed to the Tower on the charge of high treason; and a new mayor for the rest of the year was appointed by the Parliament.

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