Word Supreme, Before Creation

Melody - "Sieh, hier bin ich", first published in the Geistrieches Gesangbuch, Darmstadt, 1698; Seq. by Richard Jordan

John Keble, 1856

Word Supreme, before creation
Born of God eternally,
Who didst will for our salvation
To be born on earth and die,
Well Thy saints have kept their station,
Watching till Thine hour drew nigh.

2. Now 'tis come. and faith espies Thee;
Like an eaglet in the morn
One in steadfast worship eyes Thee,
Thy beloved, Thy latest born.
In Thy glory he descries Thee
Reigning from the Tree of scorn.

3. He upon Thy bosom lying
Thy true tokens learned by heart;
And Thy dearest pledge in dying,
Lord, Thou didst to him impart;
Showedst him how, all grace supplying,
Blood and water from Thee start.

4. He first, hoping and believing,
Did beside the grave adore;
Latest he, the warfare leaving,
Landed on the eternal shore;
And his witness we receiving,
Own Thee Lord forevermore.

5. Much he asked in loving wonder,
On Thy bosom leaning, Lord.
In the secret place of thunder
Answer kirid didsot Thou accord,
Wisdom for Thy Church to ponder
Till the day of dread award.

6. Lo, heaven's doors lift up, revealing
How thy judgements earthward move;
Scrolls unfolded, trumpets pealing,
Wine-cups from the wrath above;
Yet o'er all a soft voice stealing,
"Little children, trust and love."

7. Thee, the almighty King eternal,
Father of the eternal Word,
Thee, the Father's Word supernal,
Thee, of both the Breath adored,
Heaven and earth and realms infernal
Own one glorious God and Lord. Amen.

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