White Cockade

Melody -

Twas on a summer's morning as I rode o'er the moss,
I had no thought of enlisting, till some soldiers did me cross.
They kindly did invite me to a flowing bowl of grog
|: They advanced me (they advanced me) :|
They advanced me some money, a shilling from the crown.

2. Oh yes, my love's enlisted and he wears a white cockade,
He is a handsome young man, a rash, and roving blade.
He is a handsome young man, and he's gone to serve his king
|: Oh! my very (Oh! my very) :|
Oh! my very heart is aching all for the love of him.

3. As I roved out one morning, as I wandered o'er yon lea,
My love was tall and handsome, but a soldier now is he
I hope the man that 'listed him may suffer night and day.
|: How I wish that (How I wish that) :|
How I wish that the Hollanders would sink him in the sea.

4. Oh may he never prosper, and may he never thrive
On anything he turns his hand as long as he's alive.
May the very ground he treads on, the grass refuse to grow
|: 'Cause he's been the ('Cause he’s been the) :|
'Cause he's been the only cause of my sorrow, grief and woe.

5. Then he took out his handkerchief and wiped her flowing eye,
Leave off your lamentations, likewise your mournful cries.
Leave off your lamentations while I march o'er the plains,
|: We'll be married (We'll be married) :|
We'll be married in Newcastle when I return again.

6. Oh yes, my love's enlisted, and for him I will rove
And carve his name on every tree that buds in yonder grove.
The huntsman he will holler and the hounds will loudly cry
|: To remind me (To remind me) :|
To remind me of my ploughboy until the day I die.

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