British Soldier's Discharge Song

Melody -

When the fighting was at its fiercest
And everything looked black,
This was the promise that cheered us on:
'You'll get your old job back!'

2. We were not professional soldiers,
Fighting was not our game.
We were only peaceful citizens
Who fought hard just the same.

3. We sacrificed our wives and kids
And homes to do our bit.
But now the door is closed to us.
It seems hard, we admit.

4. For I can't get the old job,
And can't get a new,
Can't carry on as I used to do
I look around me, and what do I see?

5. Thousands and thousands of fellows
A lot worse off than me.
In Piccadilly, friends pass me by.
I'm absolutely stranded in the Strand.

And I confess I was contented, more or less,
When I was stony broke in No Man's Land.

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