Harry the Tailor

Melody -

Traditional, from Yorkshire?

When Harry the tailor was twenty years old,
He began for to look with courage so bold;
He told his old mother he was not in jest,
But he would have a wife as well as the rest.

2. Then Harry next morning, before it was day,
To the house of his fair maid took his way.
He found his dear Dolly a making of cheese,
Says he, You must give me a buss, if you please!

3. She up with the bowl, the butter-milk flew,
And Harry the tailor looked wonderful blue.
O, Dolly, my dear, what hast thou done?
From my back to my breeks has thy butter-milk run.

4. She gave him a push, he stumbled and fell
Down from the dairy into the drawwell.
Then Harry, the ploughboy, ran amain,
And soon brought him up in the bucket again.

5. Then Harry went home like a drowned rat,
And told his old mother what he had been at.
With butter-milk, bowl, and a terrible fall,
O, if this be called love, may the devil take all!

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