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Airs, Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns, Jigs, and Reels of Ireland
Sorted by first line of lyric and title, with title in italics.

Many songs have variations to them. I used the one that I could substantiate with a reference source.
The titles are even worse, mainly in the spelling of names, i.e.,: Brian O'Linn to Bryan O'Lynn.

Last updated: 28. February 2001


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Má mholtar le scéal is le hamhrán / Muintir an Iarthair - Melody
Má théid tú 'un aonaigh bíodh do chaora leat - Melody
Maid of Bunclody, The - Melody
Maid that Sold Her Barley, The - Melody
Maid with the Bonny Brown Hair, The - Melody
Maidin Luain Chincíse labhair an síofra sa ngleann - Melody
Man you don't meet everyday, A - Melody
Máire Chonnacht agus Séamus Ó Dónaill - Melody
Mantle so Green, The - Melody
Mar táid a Dhé na Gaedhil gan treóir is truagh! / Cumha Eoghan Ruaidh Uí Néill - Melody
Marrow Bones - Melody
Mary From Dungloe - Melody
Master McGrath - Melody
Matt Hyland - Melody
McAlpine's crew - Melody
Me Old Howth Gun - Melody
Meeting of the Waters, The - Melody
Mellow the moonlight to shine is beginning / The Spinning Wheel - Melody
Men Behind the Wire, The - Melody
Men of Skinner's Alley, The - Melody
Men of the West, The - Melody
Minstrel Boy, The - Melody
Mise 'gus Tusa - Melody
Miss MacDermott - Melody
Mist on the Mountain - Melody
Mo Ghile Mear
Moll Roone - Melody
Molly Malone - Melody
Monaghan - Melody
Moorlug Mary - Melody
Moreen, The - Melody
Morrison's Jig - Melody
Mother Machree - Melody
Mountain Sprite, The - Melody
Mountains O'Mourne, The - Melody
Mrs. McGrath - Melody
Mrs. Poer (Carolan's Concerto) - Melody
Muintir an Iarthair - Melody
Muirsheen Durkin - Melody
My Boy Willie - Melody
My Brother Sylvester - Melody
My gentle Harp, once more I waken - Melody
My Little Armalite - Melody
My love, my pride, my treasure oh / Christ Child Lullaby - Melody
My love she was fair / All Around My Hat - Melody
My name is George Campbell / General Munroe - Melody
My name it is Neil, quite candid I tell / Nell Flaherty's Drake - Melody
My Pretty Fair Maid - Melody
My Singing Bird - Melody
My spirit on Thy care - Melody
My Wild Irish Rose - Melody
My young love said to me, My mother won't mind / She Moved Through The Fair - Melody
My youngest son came home today - Melody


Na Buachaillí Bána - Melody
Na Francaigh Bhána - Melody
Nation Once Again, A - Melody
Nay, tell me not, dear, that the goblet drowns - Melody
Near Banbridge town in the County Down / The Star of the County Down - Melody
Ne'er ask the hour - what is it to us - Melody
Nell Flaherty's Drake - Melody
New Langolee - Melody
New Protestant Boys - Melody
Ní airím véarsa ó lon ná ó chéirseach / Shliabh Na mBan - Melody
Night closed around the conqueror's way / After the Battle - Melody
Night Dance, The - Melody
Night That Paddy Murphy Died, The - Melody
Níl sé ina lá - Melody
'Ninety-Eight - Melody
Níon a' Bhaoilligh - Melody
No, not more welcome the fairy numbers - Melody
No Surrender - Melody
Now Clancy was a peaceful man / Clancy Lowered The Boom - Melody
Now Delaney had a donkey that everyone admired / Delaney's Donkey - Melody
Now Dinny O'Rafferty’s motor car is the greatest I declare / O'Rafferty's Motor Car - Melody
Now Jack was a sailor who roamed on the town / Quare Bungle Rye - Melody
Number 1 Platoon - Melody
Nursemaid, The or An Bhanaltra - Melody


Ó Bhean a’ Tí - Melody
O'Boyle's Daughter - Melody
O'Carolan's Cup or Brink of the White Rock - Melody
O'Carolan's Receipt or Carlionne - Melody
O'Donnell Aboo - Melody
O'Donohue's Mistress - Melody
O'er the distant mountains breaking - Melody
O'Flinn - Melody
O'Kane - Melody
O'Neill's Cavalcade - Melody
O'Rafferty’s Motor Car - Melody
O'Reilly from the County Leitrim - Melody
O'Sullivan’s John to the road you've gone / O'Sullivan's John - Melody
O, a wan cloud was drawn o'er the dim weeping dawn - Melody
O, all the money e'er I had / The Parting Glass - Melody
O! Arranmore, loved Arranmore - Melody
O as it happened on last Saturday night / Johnny Doyle - Melody
O, banquet not in those shining bowers - Melody
Ó bhí mé oíche taobh istigh Fhéil' Bhríde / Iníon an Bhaoghailligh - Melody
O! blame not the bard - Melody
O! breathe not his name, let it sleep in the shade - Melody
O, could we do with this world of ours - Melody
O Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling / Danny Boy - Melody
O! doubt me not - the season - Melody
Ó éirigí suas a thogha na bhfear / Ó Bhean a’ Tí - Melody
O father dear, I oft-times hear / Skibereen - Melody
O father, why are you so sad / The Boys of the Old Brigade - Melody
O for the swords of former time! - Melody
O! Had I old Timotheus' lyre / Our Country's Saviour - Melody
O! had we some bright little isle of our own - Melody
O, have you been to Avondale / Avondale - Melody
O I am a little beggarman, and begging I have been / The Little Beggarman - Melody
O it happened one ev'ning at the playing of the ball / Lovely Willie - Melody
O, Limerick is beautiful / Limerick is Beautiful - Melody
O listen a while my countrymen / The Hills of Tandragee - Melody
O, listen to the tale of a poor Irish harper / Bard of Armagh - Melody
O Lord, the Holy Innocents - Melody
O Lurgan town's an altered town / Lurgan Town - Melody
O Mary dear, a cruel fate has parted us - Melody
O Mary this London's a wonderful sight / The Mountains O'Mourne - Melody
O me name is Paddy Dailey / I'm Off to Philadelphia in the Morning - Melody
O, Mrs. McGrath! the sergeant said / Mrs. McGrath - Melody
O, my name is Jock Stewart / A Man you don't meet everyday - Melody
O Paddy dear, and did ye hear the news that's goin' round? / The Wearin' Of The Green - Melody
O, the Bansha peeler went one night / The Peeler and the Goat - Melody
O the Boys of Kilkenny are brave roaring blades / The Boys of Kilkenny - Melody
O! the days are gone, when Beauty bright / Love's Young Dream - Melody
O! The French are on the sea / The Sean-Bhean Bhocht - Melody
O, the night that Paddy Murphy died, we never shall forget / The Night That Paddy Murphy Died - Melody
O, the Shamrock - Melody
O, the sight entrancing - Melody
O the winter it has passed / Curragh of Kildare - Melody
O, then, fare ye well sweet Donegal / Mary From Dungloe - Melody
O then, tell me Sean O'Farrell, tell me why you hurry so / The Rising of the Moon - Melody
O! think not my spirits are always as light - Melody
O Thou, who nerved our fathers in days of old / While the Orange Lilies Grow - Melody
O! weep for the hour / Eveleen's Bower - Melody
O were I at the moss house / The Maid of Bunclody - Melody
O, where's the slave so lowly / Where is the Slave - Melody
O who will plough the field now / The Bantry Girls' Lament - Melody
O, ye Dead! oh, ye Dead! - Melody
O, ye toilers of this nation / The Grazier Tribe - Melody
Ode to Whiskey - Melody
Of all the fair months, that round the sun / O'Donohue's Mistress - Melody
Off to Dublin in the Green - Melody
Oft in the Stilly Night - Melody
Old Cross of Ardboe - Melody
Old Father Dan - Melody
Old Orange Flute, The - Melody
Old Orange Tree, The - Melody
Old Triangle, The - Melody
Old Woman from Wexford - Melody
On Ben Bulben's green and lofty height / Orange Maid Of Sligo - Melody
On! haste, and leave this sacred isle / St. Senanus and the Lady - Melody
On Moniseed of a summer's morning / Sweet County Wexford - Melody
On Music - Melody
On the Banks of the Roses my love / The Banks of the Roses - Melody
On the fourth of July, eighteen hundred and six / The Irish Rover - Melody
On the Initation of a Brother - Melody
Once in royal David's city - Melody
One bumper at parting! - Melody
One evening fair to take the air / The Star of Donegal - Melody
One evening of late into Bandon I strayed / The Bold Tenant Farmer - Melody
One morning as I started / Seán A Duír Á Ghleanna - Melody
One morning fair as Phoebus bright / Dobbin's Flowery Vale - Melody
One Paddy Doyle lived near Killarney / Doran's Ass - Melody
One Summer Evening Drunk to Hell / A Pair of Brown Eyes - Melody
Only Our Rivers Run Free - Melody
Orange ABC, The - Melody
Orange and the Blue, The - Melody
Orange Banner, The - Melody
Orange Booven - Melody
Orange Flag of Victory - Melody
Orange Gathering Song - Melody
Orange Lark, The - Melody
Orange Lily O!, The - Melody
Orange Maid Of Sligo - Melody
Orange Plant, The - Melody
Orange Standard - Melody
Orange Yeomanry of '98 - Melody
Orangeman, The - Melody
Origin of the Harp, The - Melody
Óró sé do Bheatha Abhaile
Our Country's Saviour - Melody
Our king, he has a daughter fair / Arbutus - Melody
Our troop was made ready at the dawn / Fare Thee Well Eniskillen - Melody
Over in Killarney many years ago / Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral - Melody

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