The Orange Plant

Melody - "Rule Britannia"

When first from Eden's holy bowers
The fragrant breeze that fanned the seed
The Orange plant, Prince William's flower
Arose Britannia's noblest tree.
Arose Britannia's noblest tree,
Then hail to the Orange Prince William's tree,
And all Orange hearts beat three times three.

The noblest king on England's throne
Has slept beneath its golden leaves;
O'er Holland's towers the beams have shown,
O'er Prussia's fields it proudly waves.

When other flowers pine and die,
It calmly sleeps in Erin's isle;
To bloom again in sweet July,
And fill our vales with gladdening smile.

Each loyal bosom wears a branch,
It's an emblem of our nation's pride;
And when in times of deep distress,
It closed the roll of battle's tide.

Long may its golden branches wave
It's shadows o'er the world wide;
Let no false traitor e'er deride.
Let no false traitor e'er deride.

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