Orange Standard

Melody -

Unfurl the Orange Standard, men
The foe are in the field;
To arms, ye warriors once again
Make heartless Rebels yield,
Shoot down the foe with musket-balls,
Give chase with flashing blades;
Arm! Arm! Your country loudly calls
For Protestant Brigades.
2. Unfurl the Standard of the Blue,
The Green is waving now,
Flock to our ranks ye brave and true
And breathe your battle vow;
For alters, homes and truth to fight
If need be for to die;
So do not sheath your swords to-night,
Give forth our battle cry.
3. Yes, let the Orange and the Blue
Fly proudly out again;
Before the anxious, longing view
Of all true hearted men.
Yes let it wave high in the skies
For Orangemen to see;
Let's gain Religious Liberty
And make our country free.

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