Oh Mary Dear

Melody - "Londonderry Air"; Seq. by Barry Taylor

Oh Mary dear, a cruel fate has parted us.
I'll hide my grief, e'en though my heart should break.
Farewell my love, may God be always with you.
I love you so, I'd die for your dear sake.
But you'll come back to me my sad heart whispers.
You'll come with summer's flowers or winter's snow,
But I'll be there to wait if God should spare me.
And with the years, my love shall deeper, greater, grow.
2. Oh Mary dear, the years are lone and dreary,
And yet you come not back my soul to cheer.
My eyes grow dim, my path of life's near ended.
When death shall come, in spirit, Love, be near.
Remember then, my soul's deep adoration.
Shed one sad tear for all the world to see.
Breath one short prayer, and I shall know you love me.
And still be waiting, Mary, when you come to me.

A favorite of James Joyce.

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