New Protestant Boys

Melody -

You true sons of Britain, attend to my lay,
Who strictly adhere to the Protestant crown
The blind zeal of Croppies us never dismay,
We’ll join with Victoria to hurl them down.
Thunder, thunder,
Protestant thunder,
We’ll shiver their pikes in every town;
The sons of sedition,
We’ll drive to perdition,
And always support our Queen and her crown.
2. The French guillotine to destruction we’ll drive
Let Gaelic inventions ne’er touch on our shore;
Atheistical tenets shall never survive,
To crowd the religion of God we adore,
To arms! To arms!
Brothers, to arms!
Join hand in hand to keep rebels down
May Orange Forever
Cement us together
In support of our Constitution and Crown
3. May our army and navy ever succeed
And vanquish and keep our enemies low;
The gallows and gibbet with Croppies we’ll feed,
And swing the "United Men" up in a row.
Mercy, mercy
God of mercy,
Assist us forever to keep those rogues down.
And knit us together
Forever and ever,
In support of our Queen, Constitution and Crown.

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