The Orangeman

Melody -

When lodges meet our brethren greet
The Master in the chair;
All hand in hand, in order stand,
And bow their heads in prayer.
In duty next the Bible text
Our Chaplain doth supply,
To the love of King and Brotherhood,
To the fear of God on high.
To God above we give the praise,
With heart and hand we join,
To celebrate the glorious days
Of Derry and the Boyne.

2. No treason binds our honest minds,
No rancour moves our arm;
We weave no rope for Priest nor Pope,
We aim at no man's harm.
We fain would give to all who live
A freeman's heart and home;
We fain would see from slavery
Benighted sons of Rome.

3. We ponder on our brethren gone
To dwell with God on high;
We speak of those our country's foes;
Of perils great and nigh.
For King we band for Fatherland
We raise our boven cry,
For freedom's right we're bold to fight
To conquer or to die.

4. Who wouldn't stand for England's land,
The valiant and the true?
With fife and drum we boldly come:
The Orange and the Blue.
And may each gallant Orangeman
Be as he's ever been
The traitor's foe, the good man's friend,
And loyal to his King.

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