Irish Folksongs


Airs, Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns, Jigs, and Reels of Ireland
Sorted by first line of lyric and title, with title in italics.

Many songs have variations to them. I used the one that I could substantiate with a reference source.
The titles are even worse, mainly in the spelling of names, i.e.,: Brian O'Linn to Bryan O'Lynn.

Last updated: 8. February 2001


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I am always light-hearted and easy / Where My Eileen Is Waiting - Melody
I am an humble Orangeman / Orange Yeomanry of '98 - Melody
I am a loyal protestant from Belfast town I come / Loyal Protestant - Melody
I am a merry ploughboy and I plough the fields all day / Off to Dublin in the Green - Melody
I am a roving sporting blade / Dublin Jack of All Trades - Melody
I am a young fellow that's easy and bold / The Limerick Rake - Melody
I am a young sailor, my story is sad / If I Was a Blackbird - Melody
I belong to Boston city boys a place you all know well
I bind unto myself today / St. Patrick's Breastplate - Melody
I have been a wanderer all my life / Sandy Row - Melody
I have here in my hand a lengthy cablegram / Globe Trotting Nelly Bly - Melody
I have seen the lark soar high at morn / Singing Bird - Melody
I hear you calling me - Melody
I mBaile an Muc, Dé Sathairn, chailleamar an lá / An Gunnadóir Mac Aoidh - Melody
I once had a comrade named Arthur McBride / Arthur McBride - Melody
I once knew a dodger / Old Father Dan - Melody
I once loved a maid and I loved her so well / False Hearted Lover - Melody
I sat within the valley green / Wind That Shakes the Barley - Melody
I sat within the valley green / Wind That Shakes the Corn - Melody
I saw from the beach, when the morning was shining - Melody
I saw thy form in youthful prime - Melody
I Thank You, Ma'am, Says Dan - Melody
I took back my hand and I showed him the door / The House of Orange - Melody
I was born on a Dublin street / Black and Tans - Melody
I went to see David, to London to David / The Irish Free State - Melody
I went to visit the Rosses - Melody
I will arise and go now / The Lake Isle of Innisfree - Melody
I wish I was by that dim Lake - Melody
I wish I was in Carrickfergus / Carrickfergus - Melody
I'd mourn the hopes that leave me - Melody
If I got your hand, it is I would take it / The Whiteboys - Melody
If I Was a Blackbird - Melody
If I were King of Ireland's Isle / Flower of Sweet Strabane - Melody
If thou'lt be mine, the treasures of air - Melody
If you ever go across the sea to Ireland / Galway Bay - Melody
I'll remember, I'll try, it was nearly July / Number 1 Platoon - Melody
I'll sing you an Orange song / A Fine True-Hearted Protestant - Melody
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen - Melody
I'll Tell My Ma when I go home - Melody
Ill Omens - Melody
I'm a Darlin' - Melody
I'm bidding farewell to the land of my youth / The Shores of Amerikay - Melody
I'm in love! I'm in love with a slip of a girl / Eileen Alanna Asthore - Melody
I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover - Melody
I'm Off to Philadelphia in the Morning - Melody
I'm sitting on the stile, Mary, where we once sat side by side / The Irish Emigrant - Melody
I'm waiting for John Murphy's van / Take me back to Castlebar - Melody
I'm workin' here in Glasgow, I got a decent job / Patrick Fagan - Melody
In a mean abode, on the Shankhill Road / William Bloat - Melody
In a neat little town they call Belfast / Black Velvet Band - Melody
In Bodenstown Churchyard there is a green grave / Tone's Grave - Melody
In comes the captain's daughter / The Boys of Wexford - Melody
In Derry vale, beside the singing river - Melody
In Dublin's Fair City / Molly Malone or Cockles and Mussels - Melody
In Mountjoy jail one Monday morning / Kevin Barry - Melody
In my memory I will always see / The Town I Loved so Well - Melody
In nineteen hundred and sixteen / The Rifles of the IRA - Melody
In Oranmore in the County Galway / The Galway Shawl - Melody
In sixteen hundred and forty one those Fenians formed a plan / Portadown - Melody
In the battle streets of Belfast / The Winds are Singing Freedom - Melody
In the bold Gautea Mountains, so far, far, away / White, Orange and Green - Melody
In the County Tyrone, near the town of Dungannon / The Old Orange Flute - Melody
In the days I went a courtin' / Muirsheen Durkin - Melody
In the lands of O'Cahan / The Gem of the Roe - Melody
In the little streets of Belfast, in the dark of early morn / The Men Behind the Wire - Melody
In the merry month of June, from me home I started / The Rocky Road to Dublin - Melody
In the morning of life, when its cares are unknown - Melody
In the town of Athy / Lanigan's Ball - Melody
In the village of Kildoran / Step It Out Mary - Melody
In the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and six / The Irish Rover - Melody
In yonder valley there dwelt, alone / The Mountain Sprite - Melody
Iníon an Bhaoghailligh - Melody
Irish Emigrant, The - Melody
Irish Eyes - Melody
Irish Free State, The - Melody
Irish Girl, The - Melody
Irish National Anthem, The - Melody
Irish Peasant to his Mistress, The - Melody
Irish Rover, The - Melody
Irish Soldier Boy - Melody
Irish Soldier Laddie - Melody
Irish Washerwoman - Melody
Irishman's Epistle, An - Melody
Is a Chití na gcumann ná séan mé / Cití Na gCumann - Melody
Is ar an mbaile seo chonaic sibh an t-ionadh / Dhonncha Bán - Melody
Is deas a' fear i mbaile mé / An Bhanaltra or The Nursemaid - Melody
Is Fada ó Bhaile a d'Aithneoinn / It's Far from Home I'd Know You - Melody
Is mise Caiptín Máilleach / An Caiptín Máilleach - Melody
It happened once upon a time / Tom Gilheaney - Melody
It is not the tear at this moment shed - Melody
It seems like only yesterday I sailed from out of Cork / Dear Old Donegal - Melody
It was a quiet Sunday / The Siege of Drumcree - Melody
It was early, early all in the Spring / My Boy Willie - Melody
It was early, early in the spring / The Croppy Boy - Melody
It was early in the morning Willie Lemur arose / Lakes of Cool Fin - Melody
It was early on a bright harvest morning / The Banks of Sullane - Melody
It was not in faction, it was not in hate / The Battle of the Diamond - Melody
It was on a dreary New Years Eve / Sean South from Garryowen - Melody
It was on a fine summer's morning / Pretty Maid Milking the Cow - Melody
It's a Long Way to Tipperary - Melody
It's cold and raw the northwinds blow / The Maid that Sold Her Barley - Melody
It's Far from Home I'd Know You - Melody
It's of a jolly beggarman came tripping o'er the plain / The Jolly Beggar - Melody
I've a nice little house and a cow or two with grass / Bridget Flynn - Melody
I've a secret to tell thee, but hush! not here - Melody
I've been a wild rover for many a year / Wild Rover - Melody
I've traveled all over this world / Rosin The Beau - Melody


Jesus Calls Us over the tumult - Melody
Jesus, I my cross have taken - Melody
Jesus, in Thy dying woes - Melody
John McGoldrick and the Quaker's Daughter - Melody
John O'Connor - Melody
John O'Reilly the Active - Melody
John's family, it was everything / Irish Eyes - Melody
Johnny Doyle - Melody
Johnny Harte - Melody
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye - Melody
Johnson’s Motor Car - Melody
Jolly Beggar, The - Melody
Jug of Punch - Melody
July the First in Ouldbridge Town / The Boyne Water - Melody
Junior Orange Marching Song - Melody


Kathleen Mavourneen! the grey dawn is breaking - Melody
Kelly of Killane - Melody
Kerry Recruit - Melody
Kesh Jig - Melody
Ketty Terrol - Melody
Kevin Barry - Melody
Kid on the Mountain - Melody
Kilgary Mountain - Melody
Killarney - Melody
King of the Fairies - Melody
King William's Day - Melody
King's Own Guards, The - Melody


Lady Athenry - Melody
Lake Isle of Innisfree, The - Melody
Lakes of Cool Fin - Melody
Lament for Kilcash
Lament For Owen Roe O'Neill - Melody
Lanigan's Ball - Melody
Lark In The Clear Air, The - Melody
Last night as I lay dreaming of pleasant days gone by / Spancil Hill - Melody
Last Sunday night, we had no dough / Zoological Gardens - Melody
Lavender's Blue - Melody
Lay his sword by his side - it hath served him too well - Melody
Legacy, The - Melody
Lesbia hath a beaming eye - Melody
Let Bacchus' sons be not dismayed / Garryowen - Melody
Let Erin remember the days of old - Melody
Let grasses grow and waters flow / The Real Old Mountain Dew - Melody
Let the name of Great William be ever held dear / Success to the Orange Wherever it Goes - Melody
Let your quacks and newspapers be cuttin' their capers / The Humors of Whisky - Melody
Lift Mac Cahir Og your face / Follow Me Up to Carlow - Melody
Like the bright lamp, that shone in Kildare's holy fane / Erin, Oh Erin - Melody
Lilliburlero - Melody
Lily of the West, The - Melody
Limerick is Beautiful - Melody
Limerick Lasses - Melody
Limerick Rake, The - Melody
Lisnagade - Melody
Little Beggarman, The - Melody
Loftus Jones - Melody
Londonderry Air - Melody
Lone Shanakyle - Melody
Long long ago in this ancient land / Fairy Hills - Melody
Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious - Melody
Lord Inchiquin - Melody
Lord of the living harvest - Melody
Loughgall - Melody
Love and the Novice - Melody
Love's Young Dream - Melody
Lovely Katie of Liskehaun - Melody
Lovely Willie - Melody
Lowlands Low, The - Melody
Loyal Protestant - Melody
Luke Dillon - Melody
Lurgan Town - Melody

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