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Airs, Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns, Jigs, and Reels of Ireland
Sorted by first line of lyric and title, with title in italics.

Many songs have variations to them. I used the one that I could substantiate with a reference source.
The titles are even worse, mainly in the spelling of names, i.e.,: Brian O'Linn to Bryan O'Lynn.

Last updated: 15. January 2001


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Ulster, to The Rescue! - Melody
Ulster Volunteer - Melody
Úna bhán - Melody
Unfurl the Orange Standard / Orange Standard - Melody
Unquiet Grave, The - Melody
Up from fitful sleep we wakened / The Heroine of Ross - Melody
Up, Orangemen Up! - Melody


Valley of Knockanure, The - Melody
Van Dieman's Land - Melody
Verdant Braes of Skreen - Melody


Wandering Bard, The - Melody
War Song - Melody
We are coming home, John Farmer / Harvest War Song - Melody
We are marching, marching on / Junior Orange Marching Song - Melody
We are the Billy Boys - Melody
We may roam through this world - Melody
We sailed out of Dunmore Michael Mac and I / The Lowlands Low - Melody
We sing the praise of Him who died - Melody
We soldiers of Erin, so proud of the name / Croppies Lie Down - Melody
Weapons and the Men, The - Melody
Wearin' Of The Green, The - Melody
Weep on, weep on, your hour is past - Melody
Welcome! Brother! To our band! / On the Initation of a Brother - Melody
We'll sing song, a soldier's song / The Irish National Anthem - Melody
Well, how do you do, young Willie McBride / The Green Fields of France - Melody
Well, if you've got a wing-o / Take Her Up to Monto - Melody
Well it's all for me grog, me jolly jolly grog / All For Me Grog - Melody
Well, here I am from Paddy's land / Bold O'Donahue - Melody
West's Asleep, The - Melody
Wexford Carol, The - Melody
Wexford Girl, The - Melody
What a friend we have in Jesus - Melody
What are You? - Melody
What brought you into my room / I Thank You, Ma'am, Says Dan - Melody
"What did I have?" asked the fine old woman / Four Green Fields - Melody
What life like that of the bard can be / The Wandering Bard - Melody
What the bee is to the flowert - Melody
What's the news, what's the news, oh my bold Shemalier / Kelly of Killane - Melody
When all beside a vigil keep / The West's Asleep - Melody
When apples still grow in November / Only Our Rivers Run Free - Melody
When Boyhood's Fire / A Nation Once Again - Melody
When cold in the earth lies the friend thou hast loved - Melody
When daylight was yet sleeping under the pillow / Ill Omens - Melody
When first from Eden's holy bowers / The Orange Plant - Melody
When first I came into this counterie / O'Reilly from the County Leitrim - Melody
When first I came to Ireland / The Lily of the West - Melody
When first I met thee, warm and young - Melody
When first to this country as a stranger I came / The Banks of the Bann - Melody
When he, who adores thee, has left but the name - Melody
When I was but a friendless boy / The Wexford Girl - Melody
When in death I shall calmly recline / The Legacy - Melody
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - Melody
When, like the dawning day / Eileen Aroon - Melody
When lodges meet our brethren greet / The Orangeman - Melody
When through life unblest we rove / On Music - Melody
When two lovers meet down beside the green bower / The Banks of the Lee - Melody
When tyranny's detested power / The Men of Skinner's Alley - Melody
When William came to England / The Old Orange Tree - Melody
When Winter was brawling / Sweet Carnloch Bay - Melody
When this Old Sash was New - Melody
When William landed from the main / The Bright Orange Banner - Melody
When wounded sore the stricken soul - Melody
When'er I see those smiling eyes - Melody
Where is the Slave - Melody
Where My Eileen Is Waiting - Melody
Where now is the sheltering wildwood / Caoine Cill Chais / Cill Chais / Kilcash / The Lament for Kilcash - Melody
Where the River Shannon Flows - Melody
Whiffenpoof Song, The - Melody
While gazing on the moon's light - Melody
While goin' the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo / Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye - Melody
While History's Muse the memorial was keeping - Melody
While the Orange Lilies Grow - Melody
While you honour in song and in story / The Men of the West - Melody
Whiskey in the Jar - Melody
Whistling Gypsy came over the hill / The Gypsy Rover - Melody
White, Orange and Green - Melody
Whiteboys, The - Melody
Who fears to speak of Easter Week? - Melody
Who fears to speak of '98? - Melody
Who is this that comes from Edom - Melody
Who Threw the Overalls in Mistress Murphy's Chowder - Melody
Wild Colonial Boy, The - Melody
Wild Rover - Melody
Will you come to the Bower / Come to the Bower - Melody
William Bloat - Melody
William of Orange - Melody
Wind That Shakes the Barley - Melody
Wind That Shakes the Corn - Melody
Winds are Singing Freedom, The - Melody
With swelling sail, away, away! / The Arranmore Boat Song - Melody
Wolfe Tone - Melody
Woods Of Drumbo, The - Melody
Workers of the World - Melody
Would God I were the tender apple blossom / Londonderry Air - Melody
Wreath the bowl - Melody


Ye maids of green Erin, why sigh ye so sad? / The Dirge of Carolan - Melody
Ye muses divine, combine / The Red-haired Man's Wife - Melody
Ye Protestants of Ulster / Lisnagade - Melody
Yellow Stockings - Melody
Yes, sad one of Sion, if closely resembling / The Parallel - Melody
You gentle Muses, I pray excuse me / Lovely Katie of Liskehaun - Melody
You may sing or speak about Easter Week / The Valley of Knockanure - Melody
You might easy know a doffer - Melody
You muses nine with me combine / John McGoldrick and the Quaker's Daughter - Melody
You remember Ellen, our hamlet's pride - Melody
You roving blades and winsome maids / McAlpine's crew - Melody
You true born sons of Erin's Isle / Bachelor's Walk - Melody
You true sons of Britain, attend to my lay / New Protestant Boys - Melody
You true hearted sons of Hibernia / The Boys of old Erin the Green - Melody
You Williamites so true, of the Orange and the Blue - Melody
Youghal Harbor (1798 Uprising) - Melody
Youghal Harbour - Melody
Young Donald - Melody
Young men that have your liberty / Erin's Lovely Home - Melody


Zion stands by hills surrounded - Melody
Zoological Gardens - Melody

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