Zion Stands by Hills Surrounded

Melody - "Zion", Thomas Morely, 1891; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Thomas Kelly, 1806

Zion stands by hills surrounded,
Zion, kept by power divine;
All her foes shall be confounded
Though the world in arms combine.
Happy Zion,
What a favored lot is thine!

2. Every human tie may perish,
Friend to friend unfaithful prove,
Mothers cease their own to cherish,
Heaven and earth at last remove;
But no changes
Can attend Jehovah's love.

3. Zion's friend in nothing alters,
Though all others may and do;
His is love that never falters,
Always to its object true.
Happy Zion!
Crowned with mercies ever new.

4. If thy God should show displeasure,
'Tis to save and not destroy;
If He punish, 'tis in measure;
'Tis to rid thee of alloy.
Be thou patient;
Soon thy grief shall turn to joy.

5. In the furnace God may prove thee,
Thence to bring thee forth more bright,
But can never cease to love thee;
Thou art precious in His sight.
God is with thee,
God, thine everlasting Light.

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