The Wexford Girl

Melody -

These cannot be the original lyrics (see below)

When I was but a friendless boy
Just nineteen years of age
My father bound me to a miller
That I might learn the trade.

2. I fell in love with one dear girl
With dark and roving eyes,
I promised her I'd marry her
If me she would not deny.

3. Up stepped her mother to the door
So boldly she did say,
Oh honey do marry her
And take her far away.

4. Her mother she persuaded me
To take her for a wife,
Oh, Satan persuaded me
To take away her life.

5. I asked her for to take a walk,
Over the blooming field so good,
That we might have some secret talk
And name our wedding day.

6. We had not travelled very far
When I looked all around and around,
I picked up an old fence stick
And straight way knocked her down.

7. She fell upon her trembling knees
For mercy sake she cried,
Oh Johnny dear don't murder me
For I'm not fit to die.

8. I took her by her little hand
And threw her 'round and 'round,
Then I drug her to the riverside
And threw her in to drown.

9. And I returned to the miller's house
It was ten o'clock that night,
But little did the miller know
What I had been about.

10. She looked at me most earnestly
Said Johnny what bloodies your clothes,
I answered her most quickly
I was bleeding at the nose.

11. About three days and better
This damsel she was seen,
Floating by her sister's house
Down in old Wexford Town.

These lyrics were sent to me but cannot be the original. If anyone can help with the original lyrics, please e-mail me.

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