The Men of Skinner's Alley

Melody -

When tyranny's detested power
Had leagued with superstition,
And bigot James, in evil hour,
Began his luckless mission
Still here survived the sacred flame,
Here freedom's sons did rally,
And consecrate to deathless fame
The men of Skinner's Alley.

2. When William came to set them free
From famine, fire and water,
And the first dawn of liberty
Had blushed on the Boyne water,
Then they did fill to glorious Will;
At such a toast who'd dally?
While liberty and loyalty
Exist in Skinner's Alley.

3. And here, through each revolving year,
The sacred flame was cherished;
Though lost in factions's fearful fray,
It once had nearly perished.
Until our fathers' spirits rose
While knaves stood shilly shally
Then did we sing "God Save the King."
We men of Skinner's Alley.

4. And oft may we repeat that toast
By festive draughts elated;
While loyalty, our prodest boast,
On every heart is seated.
For ne'er can we forget the King.
Round whom all virtues rally;
And our own William's name shall ring
Each night in Skinner's Alley.

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