Seán A Duír Á Ghleanna

Melody -

One morning as I started
From the arms of Morpheus
The hounds and trumpets rattled
Which caused the earth to quake,
The green bird and the badger
Stood a royal battle,
And Reynard in the forest,
So sportingly did play.
The huntsmen in distraction
Viewing the plan of action
By the game adapted
To each sporting tain
But 'tis home we'll steer in anguish
For royalty is banished,
Seán a Duír á Ghleanna,
You're worsted in the game.

2. When I first saw dear Anna,
She filled my heart with rapture,
In a dewy meadow
In the merry month of May,
Awhile I stood astonished,
To view this charming goddess,
Her golden locks lay hanging,
Down to her lovely waist.
By the glances of this object,
The greatest style demolished,
She spoke to me as follows,
Saying, Lay aside all care,
So relent and take compassion,
On lovely young dear Anna.
I would think myself quite happy,
If she called me her slave.

3. The blackbirds and the thrushes,
Warbling on the bushes,
The nightingale and linnet,
Sing sweetly in the grove.
The woodcock in the forest,
The lark along the valley,
And lovely young dear Anna
Joined them in a choir.
How elegant do the fishes
Swim along the river,
The wild duck and the pigeon
So merrily do rove,
But all rejoiced full hearty
For none but lovely Anna,
I took her for a goddess
Shaded by the rose.

4. As I walked forth in sorrow,
Down by yonder valley,
I saw my lovely Anna
Sitting by a stream,
My eyes began to dazzle,
Condemned with thoughts relapsing,
I then took off my beaver
And accosted this fair dame.
My joys were greatly shortened
When smilingly she asked me,
Young man, you seem a stranger,
Pray from whence you came,
I'm a Galway man by extraction,
Bred in Connamara,
And Seán a Duír á Ghleanna
They call me by name.

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