Moorlug Mary

Melody -

The first I saw of my Moorlug Mary
Was on the fair day of sweet Strabane,
Her smiling face it was so engaging,
All other fair maids she did trepan,
Her killing eyes, sure they have me blinded,
No rest I find either night or day,
From quiet slumber I rise in wonder,
Saying Moorlug Mary, will you come away?

2. From Moorlug banks I will never wander,
Where heifers graze on yon pleasant hill;
Where lambkins sporting, fair maids resorting,
The timorous hare and blue heather bell.
I'll press my cheese, and my wool I'll tease,
And my ewes I'll milk by the eve of day;
The hurling moorcock and lark allures me;
From bonnie Moorlug I'll never stray.

3. I'll go down yon woodland to my situation,
Where recreation is all in view,
On the river Mourne where the salmon sporting,
And echoes sounding bring something new.
The thrush and goldfinch will join in chorus
With notes melodious on Liskea Brae,
To the sweet Loch shore then I would restore you,
Saying, Moorlug Mary, will you come away?

4. Were I a man of great education,
And Ireland's nation at my command.
I'd lay my head on her snowy shoulder,
In wedlock's portion I'd take her hand,
I'd entertain her both eve and morning;
With robes I'd deck her both rich and gay;
With kisses fragrant I would embrace her,
Saying, Moorlug Mary, will you come away?

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