Our Country's Saviour

Melody -

Oh! Had I old Timotheus' lyre,
So much renowned in story;
Or burned for me Appollo's fire,
I'd sing of William's glory:
From shore to shore his praises should ring,
No loyal heart could waver,
But throbbing beat while loud he'd sing,
Our laws and country's saviour.

A ball came flying to the spot;
'Twas aimed for brave King William:
The fools! They might have spared their shot
No balls of thirs could harm him:
For a guardian angel near him stood
To shield him with his favour.
Preserved him for the public good
Our laws and country's saviour.

He boldly crossed Boyne's silver flood,
While thundering guns did ratle;
The wondering world in silence stood,
Astonished at the battle.
"Come on," says he. "Be not dismayed,
From Heaven we'll meet with favor
I'd strive to earn the glorious name,
Our laws' and country's saviour.

The contest firmly was maintained
By an unequal number;
The fields were covered o'er with slain
Our cannons loud did thunder,
Which side would gain no one could say,
The victory seemed to waver;
But William's courage won the day
Our laws' and country's saviour.

Now fill your glasses, fill them high,
To king and Constitution;
And low may every scoundrel lie
Who'd wish for revolution:
And humbly from high Heaven we'll beg.
This great - this lasting favour:
That William's cause may never fail,
Our laws' and country's saviour.

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