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Sorted by first line of lyric AND title, with title in italics / Die Lieder sind nach Liedanfang und Liedtitel geordnet

SD= Short Drag Shanty , LD =Long Drag Shanty , CAP = Capstan Shanty

Sailor's Dictionary of Terms / Seemann's Wörterbuch (nur auf Englisch)

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Sail! home, as straight as an arrow / White Wings - Melody
Sailing, Sailing - Melody
Sailing over the Dogger Bank / The Dogger Bank - Melody
Sailor Likes His Bottle, The LD - Melody
Sailor's Alphabet, The - Melody
Sailor's Farewell, The - Melody
Sailor's Farewell Hymn - Melody
Sailor's Prayer - Melody
Saint Nazaire - Mélodie
Sankt Niklas war ein Seemann - Melodie
Sally Brown - Melody
Sally, she'm the gal that I love dearly / Hilo, Johnny Brown - Melody
Samoa Song - Melody
Sang an Aegir - Melodie
Santa Anna CAP - Melody
Santa Lucia - Melodie
Satanicles - Mélodie
Schärenmädchen - Melodie
Schiffchen in die Weite willst du zieh'n - Melodie
Schifferabend - Melodie
Schifferlied - Melodie
Schipper ik wil varen schipper ik wil mee / De schipper en de Jonkman - Melodie
Schon glänzt das Mondenlicht am Himmelsbogen / Santa Lucia - Melodie
Schön ist die Liebe im Hafen - Melodie
Schon viele Male fuhr ich um die Erde rum / Heimweh nach Sankt Pauli - Melodie
Schönster Jüngling willst Du ziehen - Melodie
Schwedisches Schifferlied - Melodie
Schwer mit den Schätzen des Orients beladen - Melody
Seemann, deine Heimat ist das Meer - Melodie
Seemannsbegräbnis - Melodie
Seemannsweise - Melodie
Sehnsucht - Melodie
Serafina LD - Melody
Shallow Brown - Melody
Shannon and the Chesapeake, The - Melody
Shenandoah CAP - Melody
Shoals Of Herring, The - Melody
Silbern klingt und springt die Heuer / Auf der Reeperbahn - Melodie
Sing and heave, and heave and sing / The Banks of Sacramento CAP - Melodie
Sing ho! for a brave an' a gallant ship / Ten Thousand Miles Away - Melody
Singing bell bottom trousers / Bell Bottom Trousers - Melody
Sink The Bismark - Melody
Sir Richard Grenville's Farewell - Melody
Sitt de See-lüd obens mol / Un denn segelt wi so langsam rund Kap Horn - Melodie
Sjömansfaang - Melody
Sjömansvisa - Melodie
Skonnert Albertina - Melody
Snaefell Tynwald, Ben-my-Chree / Ellen Vannen Tragedy - Melody
So help me Bob, I'm bully in the alley / Bully in the Alley - Melody
So'n ganz lütt beten Backbord - Melodie
Song of the Fishes - Melody
Sont des hommes de grand courage / Les Corsaires - Mélodie
South Australia CAP - Melody
Spanish Ladies - Melody
Stand Navy down the field / Anchors Aweigh - Melody
Stand to your guns! my hearts of oak - Melody
Stately Southerner - Melody
Stolz weht die Flagge Schwarz-Weiß-Rot / Deutsches Flaggenlied - Melodie
Stormalong CAP - Melody
Stormy Weather Boys - Melody
Strike the Bell - Melody
Südsee-Lied - Melodie
Sur les bords de la Loire - Mélodie


Ten Thousand Miles - Melody
Ten Thousand Miles Away - Melody
The anchor is weighed, and the sails they are set / Away, Rio! - Melody
The boats are sailing around the bend / Bye-bye, my Roseanna - Melody
The breeze was fresh, the ship was in stays / The Token - Melody
The dames of France are fond and free / The Girl I Left Behind Me - Melody
The day that I left my home for the rolling sea / La Paloma - Melody
The Diamond is a ship me lads / The Bonnie Ship the Diamond - Melody
The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down / The Edmund Fitzgerald - Melody
The Mate was drunk, and he went below / The Sailor Likes His Bottle, Oh LD - Melody
The most chivalrous fish in the ocean / The Chivalrous Shark - Melody
The Pilot he looks out ahead / Whup Jamboree - Melody
The Pilot he looks out ahead / Whup Jamboree, American - Melody
The sea is England's glory! - Melody
The sons of the Prophet are brave men and bold / Abdul Abulbul Amir / Ivan Skavinsky Skavar - Melody
The topman and the afterguard were walking one day / Topman and the Afterguard - Melody
There is fire in the lower hold / Fire Down Below - Melody
There were three brothers in merry Scotland / Henry Martin - Melody
There were two lofty ships / The High Barbary - Melody
There's a flash packet, a flash packet of fame / The Dreadnought - Melody
They call me Hanging Johnny / Hanging Johnny LD - Melody
They say old man your horse will die / The Dead Horse LD - Melody
This dirty town has been my home / Sailor's Prayer - Melody
Three Score and Ten - Melody
Time to Leave Her - Melody
'Tis advertised in Boston / Blow, Ye Winds - Melody
'Tis of a Nobleman's daughter / The Nobleman's Daughter - Melody
'Tis of a stately Southerner who flew the Stripes and Stars / Stately Southerner - Melody
To my, Aye, and we'll furl / Paddy Doyle SD - Melody
To Pensacola town we'll bid adieu / Homeward Bound - Melody
Token, The - Melody
Tom Bowline - Melody
Tommy's Gone to Hilo LD - Melody
Topman and the Afterguard - Melody
Trois matelots du port de Brest - Mélodie
'Twas in eighteen hundred and fifty-three / Greenland Whale Fisheries - Melody
'Twas on a dark and stormy night / The Faithful Sailor Boy - Melody
'Twas on a Monday morning, all in the month of May / Lisbon - Melody
Twas pleasant and delightful one midsummer's morn / Pleasant And Delightful - Melody


U-Boat Lied (Song) - Melodie
Und denn segelt wi so langsam rund Kap Horn - Melodie
Und ob der Sturm auch manche nacht - Melodie
Unfortunate Miss Bailey, The - Melody
Unsern Bootsman de sie Kruutsack - Melodie
Up aloft amid the rigging / Rolling Home - Melody
Up jumps a crab with his crooked legs / Blow the Wind Westerly - Melody
Up on the poop deck and walking about / Strike the Bell - Melody


Viele Leut' vom Binnenlande kennen einen Hafen nicht / Hafenunterricht - Melodie
Vinden drar, skeppet far - Melody
Voici mon navire qui nage / Pauvre Marinier - Mélodie
Vous soupirez les filles / Saint Nazaire - Mélodie
Vun Hamborg fohr so 'n ollen Kasten - Melodie


Walfanglied - Melodie
War einst ein junger Bootsmann - Melodie
Warlike Seamen - Melody
Was macht man mit 'nem betrunk'nen Seemann? - Melodie
Was you ever in Quebec / Highland Laddie - Melody
Was you ever in Rio Grande? / Rio Grande - Melody
Way down south where the cocks do crow / Roll the Woodpile Down - Melody
We Be Three Poor Mariners - Melody
Well it's all for me grog, me jolly jolly grog / All For Me Grog - Melody
Wenn bei Sturm und Wetterlicht / Wo es Mädels gibt, Kameraden - Melodie
We were forty miles from Albany / The Erie Canal - Melody
We're All Bound to Go CAP - Melody
We're laying in Surrey Dock one day / Stormy Weather Boys - Melody
Wer entert als Cadett zur See / Des Kaisers Admiral - Melodie
Wer geht mit, juchhe, über See? - Melodie
Wer will mit uns nach Island gehn / Die Islandfischer - Melodie
West Zuid-West van Ameland - Melody
Whale, The - Melody
What pen can well report the plight / Another of Seafarers, describing Evil Fortune - Melody
What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor? - Melody
When first I landed in Frisco Bay / Go To Sea No More - Melody
When HMS Hood went down in the deep / The HMS Hood - Melody
When I first landed in Liverpool / Jackie Brown - Melody
When I was a lad I served a term - Melody
When the Alabama's keel was laid / Alabama - Melody
When the anchor's weigh'd / Jack the Guinea Pig - Melody
Whiskey for My Johnny LD - Melody
Whisky LD - Melodie
White Wings - Melody
Who seeks the way to win renown / Sir Richard Grenville's Farewell - Melody
Who'll make his mark the Captain cried / Pirates - Melody
Who's that knocking at my door? / Barnacle Bill - Melody
Whup Jamboree, English - Melody
Whup Jamboree, American - Melody
Why Should We Quarrel For Riches - Melody
Wi fohrt bi de Flying P-Line / Flying P-Line - Melodie
Wickingerlied - Melodie
Wie mit grimmgem Unverstand - Melodie
Wie wil er mee naar Wieringen varen / Wieringen - Melody
Wiegende Wellen auf wogender See - Melodie
Wieringen - Melody
Wildes, schäumendes, brausendes Meer / Wiegt mich ihr Wogen - Melodie
Wir fahren übers weite Meer - Melodie
Wir lagen vor Madagaskar - Melodie
Wir lieben die Stürme, die brausende Wogen - Melodie
Wir sind Kameraden auf See / Kameraden auf See - Melodie
With our nets and gear we're faring / The Shoals Of Herring - Melody
With swelling sail, away, away! / The Arranmore Boat Song - Melody
Wo die Nordseewellen - Melodie
Wo es Mädels gibt, Kameraden - Melodie


Xaver - Melodie


Y avait un' fois un marinier / Le Marinier de Couëron - Mélodie
Y'heave ho! My lads, the wind blows free / Sailing, Sailing - Melody
Ye gentlemen of England who live home / The Bay of Biscay, Oh! - Melody
Ye mariners all, as ye pass by - Melody
Ye Parliament of England, You Lords and Commons - Melody
Ye seamen and ye landsmen all / Loss of the U.S. Sloop of War Hornet!!! - Melody
Yo no digo que mi barca se a - Melody
You bully boys of Liverpool / The Banks of Newfoundland - Melody
Young Monroe at Gerry's Rock - Melody


Zondagmorgen kregen we de loods aan boord - Melody
Zu Kiautschau um Mitternacht - Melodie
Zum Geburtstage Sr. Hoheit, des Prinzen Heinrich von Preußen - Melodie
Zum Meere zog der Zollernsproß - Melodie

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