La Paloma

Melody -

The day that I left my home for the rolling sea
I said "Mother dear, Oh, pray to thy God for me."
And ere we sailed I went fond leave to take
Of Niña, who wept as if her poor heart would break.
Niña, if I should die and o'er oceans foam,
Softly a white dove on a fair eve should come.
Open thy lattice, dearest, for it will be,
My faithful soul that loving comes back to thee!

|: Oh! a life on the sea!
Singing joyous and free,
Oh! we're going
None are so gay as we! :|

And when I come home from Niña to part no more,
Adieu to the ship where often with changing mind
I've laughed and I've wept as veer'd the light changing wind.
The comes the day, the happy and blessed day,
Chasing all sadness, sorrow and care away.
Niña so fair, all smiles will be by my side!
Niña so dear, will be my own blushing bride.