Robert Burns
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The texts of Robert Burns
The songs are arranged by first line of the song followed by the song title.

Die Texte von Robert Burns (nur auf Englisch geschrieben)
Die Lieder sind nach Liedanfang mit Liedtitel geordnet.


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O aye my wife she dang me - Melody
O bonie was yon rosy brier - Melody
O', cam ye here the fight to shun / The Battle of Sherra-moor - Melody
O can ye labour lea, young man - Melody
O dear minny, what shall I do? - Melody
O For Ane An' Twenty, Tam - Melody
O gie the lass her fairin' lad / Gie the Lass Her Fairing - Melody
O gude ale comes and gude ale goes / Gude Ale Keeps The Heart Aboon - Melody
O how can I be blythe and glad / The Bonie Lad That's Far Awa - Melody
O how shall I, unskilfu', try / The Charms Of Lovely Davies - Melody
O I forbid you, maidens a' /Tam Lin or Tamlane - Melody
O John, come kiss me now, now, now / John Come Kiss Me Now - Melody
O ken ye what Meg o' the Mill has gotten / Meg O' The Mill - Melody
O Lady Mary Ann looks O'er the castle wa' / Lady Mary Ann - Melody
O Lassie, are ye sleepin yet / O Let Me In Thes Ae Night - Melody
O lay thy loof in mine, lass - Melody
O Leeze me on my spinnin' wheel / Bessy And Her Spinnin' Wheel - Melody
O Let Me In Thes Ae Night - Melody
O Logan, sweetly didst thou glide / Logan Water - Melody
O lovely Polly Stewart / Lovely Polly Stewart - Melody
O luve will venture in where it daur na weel be seen / The Posie - Melody
O, Mally's Meek - Melody
O Mary, at thy window be! / Mary Morison - Melody
O may, thy morn was ne'er so sweet - Melody
O, meikle thinks my luve o' my beauty / My Tocher's the Jewel - Melody
O, merry hae I been teethin a heckle / Kissing my Kate - Melody
O mirk, mirk is this midnight hour / Lord Gregory - Melody
O, mount and go / The Captain's Lady - Melody
O my Luve's like a red, red rose / Red, Red Rose - Melody
O, open the door, some pity to shew / Open The Door To Me, Oh - Melody
O Philly, happy be that day / Philly And Willy - Melody
O poortith cauld, and restless love / Poortith Cauld And Restless Love - Melody
O raging Fortune's withering blast / Raging Fortune - Melody
O, rattlin, roarin Willie / Rattlin', Roarin' Willie - Melody
O sad and heavy, should I part / My Native Land Sae Far Awa - Melody
O, saw ye bonie Lesley / Bonie Lesley - Melody
O saw ye my Dear, my Philly? / Saw Ye My Dear, My Philly - Melody
O, saw ye my dearie, my Eppie Macnab? / Eppie MacNab - Melody
O stay, sweet warbling woodlark, stay / Address To The Woodlark - Melody
O steer her up, an' haud her gaun / Steer Her Up and Had Her Gaun - Melody
O that I had ne'er been married / Crowdie Ever Mair - Melody
O that I were where Helen lies / Where Helen Lies - Melody
O That's The Lassie O' My Heart - Melody
O Tibbie, I Hae Seen The Day - Melody
O wat ye wha's in yon town - Melody
O wat ye wha that lo'es me / O That's The Lassie O' My Heart - Melody
O, were I on Parnassus hill - Melody
O were my love yon Lilac fair - Melody
O wert thou in the cauld blast - Melody
O wha my babie clouts will buy? / The Ranting Dog - Melody
O, wha will to Saint Stephen's House / Fete Champetre - Melody
O when she cam' ben she bobbed fu' law / When She Cam' Ben She Bobbed - Melody
O where hae ye been, Lord Ronald, my son? / Lord Ronald - Melody
O whistle, an' I'll come to ye, my lad / Whistle, And I'll Come To You, My Lad - Melody
O Willie brew'd a peck o' maut / Willie Brew'd A Peck O' Maut - Melody
O, wilt thou go wi' me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar? / Tibbie Dunbar - Melody
Of a' the airts the wind can blaw - Melody
On a bank of flowers, in a summer day - Melody
On Cessnock banks a lassie dwells / The Lass of Cessnock Banks - Melody
On Chloris Being Ill - Melody
On The Seas And Far Away - Melody
Once I lov'd a bonie lass / Handsome Nell - Melody
One night as I did wander - Melody
Open The Door To Me, Oh - Melody
Orthodox! orthodox, who believe in John Knox / The Kirk Of Scotland's Alarm - Melody
Our thrissles flourish'd fresh and fair / Awa' Whigs Awa' - Melody
Out over the Forth, I look to the North - Melody


Phillis The Fair - Melody
Phillis The Queen O' The Fair - Melody
Philly And Willy - Melody
Poortith Cauld And Restless Love - Melody
Posie, The - Melody
Pretty Peg - Melody


Raging Fortune - Melody
Rantin', Rovin' Robin - Melody
Ranting Dog, The - Melody
Rattlin', Roarin' Willie - Melody
Raving winds around her blowing - Melody
Red, Red Rose - Melody
Rigs O' Barley, The - Melody
Robin Shure in Hairst - Melody
Roseberry to his Lady says / Supper isna Ready - Melody


Sae flaxen were her ringlets / She Says She Loes Me Best Of A' - Melody
Saw Ye My Dear, My Philly - Melody
Scots, wha' hae wi' Wallace bled - Melody
Scroggam, My Dearie - Melody
She is a winsome wee thing / My Wife's A Winsome Wee Thing - Melody
She Says She Loes Me Best Of A' - Melody
She's fair and fause that causes my smart - Melody
Should auld acquaintance be forgot / Auld Lang Syne - Melody
Sic A Wife As Willie Had - Melody
Silver Tassie, The - Melody
Sing hey my braw John Highlandman! - Melody
Slave's Lament, The - Melody
Sleep'st thou, or wak'st thou, fairest creature? / The Lover's Morning Salute To His Mistress - Melody
Soldier's Return, The - Melody
Song Of Death, The - Melody
Stay, my charmer, can you leave me? - Melody
Steer Her Up and Had Her Gaun - Melody
Supper isna Ready - Melody
Sweet closes the ev'ning on Craigieburn Wood / Craigieburn Wood - Melody


Talk Of Him That's Far Awa - Melody
Tam Glen - Melody
Tam Lin or Tamlane - Melody
Tear-Drop, The - Melody
The bairns gat out wi' an unco shout / The Deuks Dang O'er My Daddie - Melody
The blude-red rose at Yule may blaw / To Daunton Me - Melody
The bonniest lass that ye meet neist / The Bonniest Lass - Melody
The Campbells are comin, Oho! Oho! - Melody
The day returns, my bosom burns / Day Returns - Melody
The deil cam fiddlin thro' the town / The De'il's Awa Wi' Th' Exciseman - Melody
The gloomy night is gath'ring fast / Gloomy Night - Melody
The heather was blooming, the meadows were mawn / The Bonie Moor-Hen - Melody
The Laddies by the banks o' Nith / Election Ballad For Westerha' - Melody
The last time I came o'er the moor - Melody
The lazy mist hangs from the brow of the hill / The Fall Of The Leaf - Melody
The lovely lass o' Inverness - Melody
The modiewark has done me ill - Melody
The night was still, and o'er the hill - Melody
The noble Maxwells and their powers / Nithsdale's Welcome Hame - Melody
The Robin to the Wren's nest / The Wren's Nest - Melody
The small birds rejoice in the green leaves returning / The Chevalier's Lament - Melody
The smiling Spring comes in rejoicing / My Bonie Bell - Melody
The sun he is sunk in the west / In The Character Of A Ruined Farmer - Melody
The Thames flows proudly to the sea / The Banks Of Nith - Melody
The weary pund, the weary pund / The Weary Pund O' Tow - Melody
Their groves o' sweet myrtle - Melody
Theniel Menzie's Bonie Mary - Melody
There lived a carl in Kellyburn Braes / Kellyburn Braes - Melody
There was a bonie lass, and a bonie, bonie lass - Melody
There was a lad was born in Kyle / Rantin', Rovin' Robin - Melody
There was a lass, and she was fair / Bonie Jean - Melody
There was a wife wonn'd in Cockpen / Scroggam, My Dearie - Melody
There was five Carlins in the South / The Five Carlins - Melody
There was once a day, but old Time was then young / Caledonia - Melody
There was three kings into the east / John Barleycorn - Melody
There's a youth in this city, it were a great pity / The Laddie's Dear Sel' - Melody
There's Auld Rob Morris that wons in yon glen / Auld Rob Morris - Melody
There's nane that's blest of human kind / A Bottle And Friend - Melody
There's news, lassies, news / News, Lassies, News - Melody
Thine am I, my faithful Fair - Melody
This is no my ain lassie - Melody
Tho' cruel fate should bid us part - Melody
Thou Gloomy December - Melody
Thou hast left me ever, Jamie - Melody
Thou ling'ring star, with lessening ray / To Mary In Heaven - Melody
Tibbie Dunbar - Melody
To A Haggis - Melody
To Daunton Me - Melody
To Mary In Heaven - Melody
Trogger, The - Melody
True hearted was he, the sad swain o' the Yarrow / Lovely Young Jessie - Melody
'Twas even-the dewy fields were green / The Lass O' Ballochmyle - Melody
'Twas in the seventeen hunder year / John Bushby's Lamentation - Melody
Twas on a monday morning / Charlie Is My Darling - Melody


Up in the Morning Early - Melody
Up wi' the carles o' Dysart / Hey Ca' Thro' - Melody


Wad Ye Do That? - Melody
Wae is my heart, and the tear's in my e'e / The Tear-Drop - Melody
Wandering Willie - Melody
Weary Pund O' Tow, The - Melody
Wee Willie Gray, and his leather wallet - Melody
We'll hide the Cooper behint the door / The Cooper O' Cuddy - Melody
Wha will buy my troggin, fine election ware / The Trogger - Melody
Whare live ye, my bonie lass? / My Collier Laddie - Melody
What can a young lassie, what shall a young lassie / What Can A Young Lassie Do Wi' An Auld Man - Melody
What Will I do gin my Hoggie Die? / My Hoggie - Melody
When first my brave Johnie lad came to this town / Johnie Lad, Cock Up Your Beaver - Melody
When Guilford good our pilot stood / Ballad On The American War - Melody
When o'er the hill the eastern star / I'll Meet Thee On The Lea Rig - Melody
When Princes and Prelates / A Tippling Ballad - Melody
When rosy May comes in wi' flowers / The Gard'ner Wi' His Paidle - Melody
When She Cam' Ben She Bobbed - Melody
When wild war's deadly blast was blawn / The Soldier's Return - Melody
Where are the joys I have met in the morning - Melody
Where Helen Lies - Melody
While larks, with little wing / Phillis The Fair - Melody
Whistle, The - Melody
Whistle, And I'll Come To You, My Lad - Melody
Whistle O'er the Lave O't - Melody
Whom will you send to London town / Ballads on Mr. Heron's Election, Ballad First - Melody
Why, why tell thy lover - Melody
Wi' braw new branks in mickle pride / Willie Chalmers - Melody
Will ye go to the Hielands, Leezie Lindsay / Leezie Lindsay - Melody
Will ye go to the Indies, my Mary - Melody
Willie Brew'd A Peck O' Maut - Melody
Willie Chalmers - Melody
Willie Wastle dwalt on Tweed / Sic A Wife As Willie Had - Melody
Wilt thou be my Dearie? - Melody
Winter Of Life, The - Melody
Wren's Nest, The - Melody


Ye Jacobites by name, lend an ear - Melody
Ye sons of old Killie, assembled by Willie / Masonic Song - Melody
Yestreen I had a pint o' wine / The Gowden Locks Of Anna - Melody
Yon wandering rill that marks the hill / Damon And Sylvia - Melody
Yon wild mossy mountains sae lofty and wide - Melody
Young Highland Rover, The - Melody
Young Jamie, pride of a' the plain - Melody
Young Jockie was the blythest lad - Melody
Young Peggy blooms our boniest lass - Melody
Your friendship much can make me blest / Love In The Guise Of Friendship - Melody

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