Whistle, And I'll Come To You, My Lad

Melody -

Robert Burns, 1793

|: O whistle, an' I'll come to ye, my lad, :|
Tho' father an' mother an' a' should gae mad,
O whistle, an' I'll come to ye, my lad.

But warily tent when ye come to court me,
And come nae unless the back-yett be a-jee;
Syne up the back-stile, and let naebody see,
|: And come as ye were na comin' to me. :|

2. At kirk, or at market, whene'er ye meet me,
Gang by me as tho' that ye car'd na a flie;
But steal me a blink o' your bonie black e'e,
|: Yet look as ye were na lookin' to me. :|

3. Aye vow and protest that ye care na for me,
And whiles ye may lightly my beauty a-wee;
But court na anither, tho' jokin' ye be,
|: For fear that she wile your fancy frae me. :|

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