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SD= Short Drag Shanty , LD =Long Drag Shanty , CAP = Capstan Shanty

Sailor's Dictionary of Terms / Seemann's Wörterbuch (nur auf Englisch)

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L'âme de nos marins / L'âme Des Marins - Mélodie
La belle se promène, au fond de son jardin / Sur les bords de la Loire - Mélodie
La Paloma - Melodie
Le Capitaine de Saint-Malo - Mélodie
Le corsaire "Le Grand Coureur" / Le Grand Coureur - Mélodie
Le Forban - Mélodie
Le Grand Coureur - Mélodie
Le Harmonica - Mélodie
Le Marinier de Couëron - Mélodie
Le petit navire - Mélodie
Le Pont de Morlaix - Mélodie
Le Port de Tacoma - Mélodie
Le Trente-et-un du mois d'août - Mélodie
Leaving of Liverpool, The - Melody
Leise kommt die Nacht - Melodie
Les Corsaires - Mélodie
Les Filles de la Rochelle - Mélodie
Les filles de Lorient - Mélodie
Les gars de Senneville - Mélodie
Les marins de notre ville - Mélodie
Let The Bulgine Run - Melody
Les Trois Caps - Mélodie
Lied der Elb-Schiffstrecker - Melodie
Lift him up and carry him along / Fire Maringo - Melody
Lili Marleen zur See - Melodie
Lime Juice Ship - Melody
Lisbon - Melody
Little Mohee - Melody
Liverpool Judies, The - Melody
Long Time Ago, A LD - Melody
Loss of the U.S. Sloop of War Hornet!!! - Melody
Lowlands - Melody
Lustig auf den blauen Wogen / Seemannsbegräbnis - Melodie
Lustily, Lustily - Melody


Mädel, kannst du küßen? / Schön ist die Liebe im Hafen - Melodie
Magelhann - Melodie
Maggie May - Melody
Maid of Amsterdam - Melody
Marine Hymn - Melody
Matelot le vent est bon / Satanicles - Mélodie
Me father was the keeper of the Eddystone Light / The Eddystone Light - Melody
Mein Liebster ist der Hochbootsmann / Schwedisches Schifferlied - Melodie
Melbourne girls, they have no combs / Codfish Shanty - Melody
Mermaid, The - Melody
Mien Naam weer Käpt'n Kidd / Käpt'n Kidd - Melodie
Mon p'tit Garçon - Mélodie
My boat's by the tower / Pirate Song - Melody
My Bonny is over the ocean - Melody
My Boy Willie - Melody
My Johnny is a shoemaker - Melody
My name is Arthur Hollandin, as you may understand / The Flying Cloud - Melody
My name was William Kidd / The Ballad of Captain Kidd - Melody


Nancy Lee - Melody
New York Girls - Melody
Nimm uns mit Kapitän - Melodie
Nobleman's Daughter, The - Melody
Norfolk Girls, The - Melody
Nous irons à Valparaiso - Mélodie
Now coil up your nonsense / Charge the Can Cheerily - Melody
Now Jack was a sailor who roamed on the town / Quare Bungle Rye - Melody
Now the Chesapeake so bold / The Shannon and the Chesapeake - Melody
Now you jolly sailor lads, come listen to my tale / Maggie May - Melody


O, a drop of Nelson's blood wouldn't do us any harm / Roll the Old Chariot Along - Melody
O across the west'ard I served my time / Roll the Cotton Down - Melody
O Aegir, Herr der Fluten / Sang an Aegir - Melodie
O, as I walked down the Landing Stage / We're All Bound to Go CAP - Melody
O! blow, my boys, I long to hear you! / Blow, boys, blow - Melody
O, Boston's a fine town, with ships in the bay / Home, Dearie, Home - Melody
O bury me not in the deep deep sea / The Ocean Burial - Melody
O, come, list' awhile, and you soon shall hear / The Female Smuggler - Melody
O, do, my Johnny Boker / Johnny Boker SD - Melody
O, fare you well, I wish you well! / Goodbye, Fare You Well - Melody
O fare you well, my own true love / Ten Thousand Miles - Melody
O! go fetch me down my riding cane / The Hog-Eye Man - Melody
O, I'm going to leave her / Shallow Brown - Melody
O, in eighteen hundred and forty-one / Paddy Works on the Railway CAP - Melody
O lenke durch die Welle, Fidelin! / O, pescator dell'onde - Melodie
O, me Rosie, coal black rose / Coal Black Rose - Melody
O mit mein niggerum beggerum stinkum / Ja, ja, ja - Melody
O! my boat can swiftly float / The Queen of Connemara - Melody
O Nancy Dawson, Hio! / Cheerily Man - Melody
O, pescator dell'onde - Melodie
O, poor old Reuben Ranzo / Reuben Ranzo LD - Melody
O, Sally Brown, of New York City / Sally Brown - Melody
O, Santa Anna fought for fame / The Plains of Mexico or Santa Anna CAP - Melody
O Schipmann! - Melodie
O, Shenandoah, I long to hear you / Shenandoah CAP - Melody
O, Stormy's gone, that good old man / Stormalong CAP - Melody
O! The smartest packet ye can find / Clear the Track - Melody
O, the times are hard and the wages low / Across the Western Ocean CAP - Melody
O, the work was hard and the wages low / Time to Leave Her - Melody
O the year was 1778 / Barrett's Privateers - Melody
O there was a lofty ship and a lofty ship was she / The Golden Vanity - Melody
O, Tommy's gone, what shall I do / Tommy's Gone to Hilo LD - Melody
O was you ever on the Congo River / Congo River - Melody
O, we're going on board the Roseabella / The Roseabella - Melody
Oh, where am I goin' to sleep tonight / Abel Brown, the Sailor - Melody
O, whiskey is the life of man / Whiskey for My Johnny LD - Melody
Ob Sturm uns bedroht hoch vom Norden / Auf einem Seemannsgrab - Melodie
Ocean Burial, The - Melody
Of all the wives as e'er you know / Nancy Lee - Melody
On the fourteenth of February we sailed from the land / The Bold Princess Royal - Melody
On the noble fleet of whalers out sailing from Dundee / The Balena - Melody
On The Seas And Far Away - Melody
On the Sunday morning, just at the hour of ten / The Bigler - Melody
One More Day - Melody
One morning very early / The Banks of Brandywine - Melody
One of the Roamin' Kind - Melody
Op wieringen daar woonde / De Vrouw van Schipper Ké - Melody
Our anchor's aweigh and our sails are all set / Bold Riley - Melody
Our topsails reef'd and filled away / The Norfolk Girls - Melody


Paddy Doyle SD - Melody
Paddy Get Back CAP - Melody
Paddy West - Melody
Paddy Works on the Railway CAP - Melody
Passant par Paris, vidant la bouteille - Mélodie
Pauvre Marinier - Mélodie
Pirate Song - Melody
Pirates - Melody
Pipe all hands to man the windlass / Rolling Home - Melody
Plains of Mexico, The CAP - Melody
Pleasant And Delightful - Melody
Poor Joe, the marine, was at Portsmouth well known / Poor Joe the Marine - Melody
Proud Sally - Melody


Quand je suis parti de La Rochelle - Mélodie
Quare Bungle Rye - Melody
Queen of Connemara, The - Melody
Qui les trois caps a passé / Les Trois Caps - Mélodie
Quinze marins sur l'bahut du mort - Mélodie


Ratcliffe Highway - Melody
Reise, Reise - Melodie
Rejs opp en man av den babordska vakten! / Gammal purrvisa - Melody
Reuben James - Melody
Reuben Ranzo LD - Melody
Rio Grande - Melody
Roll, Alabama, Roll - Melody
Roll the Cotton Down - Melody
Roll the Old Chariot Along - Melody
Roll the Woodpile Down - Melody
Rolling Down to Old Maui - Melody
Rolling Home - Melody
Rolling Home - Melody
Roseabella, The - Melody
Roulez, Jeunes Gens, Roulez! - Mélodie
Round the Bay of Mexico - Melody
Rownd yr Horn - Melody
Rum aus Jamaika - Melodie

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