One of the Roamin' Kind

Melody -

As I went out one evening
Upon a night's career.
I spied a lofty clipper ship'
And to her I did steer.
I hoisted out my signals,
Which she so quickly knew;
For when she saw my bunting fly
She quickly hove to.
She had a dark and a rovin' eye,
And her hair fell down in ringlets
She was a nice girl, a popular girl
But one of the roamin' kind.
2. I took her for some fish and chips
And treated her so fine
And hardly did I realise
She was the roamin'' kind
I kissed her lips, I missed her lips
And found to my surprise
She was nothing but a pirate ship
Rigged out/dressed up in a disguise.

3. Now come all ye good sailor men
Who sail the wintery sea
And come all ye apprentice lads
Fair warning take from me
Beware of lofty clipper ships
They'll be the ruin of you
For 'twas then she made me walk the plank
And pushed me under too.

If anybody can help with the rest of the lyrics, please e-mail me. The title of the song may or may not be correct. This is presented merely to see if anybody can help.

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