Pirate Song

Melody -

My boat's by the tower and my bark's on the bay
And both must be gone at the dawn of the day
The moon's in her shroud and to light thee afar
On the deck of the daring's a love-lighted star.
|:So wake, lady wake, I am waiting for thee
Oh this night or never my bride thou shalt be:|

2. Forgive me rough mood unaccustomed to sue
I woo not perhaps as you landlubbers do
My voice is attuned to the sound of the gun
That startles the deep when teh combat's begun

3. The Frenchmand and Don will flee from our path
And the Englishman cower below at our wrath
And our sails shall be gilt in the gold of the day
And the sea robins sing as we roll on our way.

4. A hundred shall serve - the best of the brave -
And the chief of the thousand shall keel as thy slave
And thou shalt reign queen and thy empire shall last
Till the black flag by inches is torn form the mast.

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