The Eddystone Light

Melody -

Me father was the keeper of the Eddystone Light,
He married a mermaid one fine night,
And from that union there came three,
Two little fishies and the other was me.
With a yo-ho-ho, let the wind blow free,
It's all for the life on the rolling sea.

2. One night as I was trimmin' the glim,
And singing a verse from the evening hymn,
I see by the light of me binnacle lamp,
Me kind old father lookin' jolly and damp.

3. A voice from starboard shouted, "Ahoy!"
And there was me mother sittin' on a buoy,
Meanin' a bouy for ships what sail,
And not a boy what's a juvenile male.

4. "Well, what became of me children three?"
Me mother then she asked of me.
Well, one was exhibited as a talking fish,
The other was served as a savory dish.

5. The phosphorous flashed in her seaweed hair,
I looked again and me mother wasn't there,
But her voice came echoing out of the night,
"To hell with the keeper of the Eddystone Light!"

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