Stephen Foster Collection / Sammlung

Melodies, arrangements, and texts from Stephen Foster.
The songs are arranged by the year composed and/or written.
Many thanks to Werner Tomaschewski and Benjamin R. Tubb for the use of their midis.

Melodien, Sätze und Texte von Stephen Foster.
Die Lieder sind nach Jahr komponiert geordnet
Vielen Dank zu Werner Tomaschewski und Benjamin R. Tubb für die wunderschöne midis zu benutzen.



The Tioga Waltz- Melody


Open Thy Lattice Love - Melody


Oh! Lou'siana's de same old state / Lou'siana Belle - Melody
There's a Good Time Coming - Melody


What must a Fairy's dream be - Melody
Where Is the Spirit, Mary? - Melody


Dere was an old darkey / Old Uncle Ned - Melody
I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee / Oh, Susanna - Melody
Santa Anna's Retreat From Buena Vista - Melody
Summer breath, Summer breath, whisp'ring low / Stay Summer Breath - Melody
Wake Up Jake - Melody
We'll put for de souf ah! dat's the place / Away Down Souf - Melody


Ah! my heart is weary waiting / Summer Longings - Melody
Down on de Mississippi floating / Nelly Was a Lady - Melody
Oh! ladies don't you wonder / Dolcy Jones - Melody
White folks, I'll sing for you / My Brudder Gum - Melody


Ah, May the Red Rose Live Always - Melody
Ah! the voice of by gone days / The Voice of By-gone Days - Melody
Angelina Baker - Melody
De Camptown ladies sing this song / De Camptown Races - Melody
Give the Stranger Happy Cheer - Melody
I would not die in Springtime - Melody
In the eye abides the heart - Melody
I've told you 'bout de banjo / Dolly Day - Melody
Mary loves the flowers - Melody
Molly do you love me? - Melody
Nelly Bly! Nelly Bly! Bring the broom along / Nelly Bly - Melody
Oh! ladies don’t you blush when I come out to play / Way Down in Ca-i-ro - Melody
Oh! Lemuel - Melody
Tell me, have you ever met her / The Spirit of My Song - Melody
The Soiree Polka - Melody
The Village Bells - Melody
Turn Not Away! - Melody
While in their sunny bowers / Lily Ray - Melody


Ah! My Child! - Melody
Bluebirds, linger here awhile / Eulalie - Melody
De time is nebber dreary / Ring De Banjo - Melody
Farewell! Old cottage - Melody
I would not die in Summertime - Melody
Lubly Melinda, come now my dear / Melinda May - Melody
Mother, dear mother, 'tis sweet to know / Mother, Thou Art Faithful to Me - Melody
My Hopes Have Departed Forever - Melody
Oh! carry me 'long; der's no more trouble for me / Oh! Boys ,Carry Me 'Long - Melody
Oh! Lilly dear, it grieves me / Farewell, My Lilly Dear - Melody
On the lonely sea-beat shore / Willie My Brave - Melody
Once I Loved Thee, Mary Dear - Melody
Sweetly She Sleeps, My Alice Fair - Melody
Way down upon the Swanee River, far, far away / Old Folks At Home - Melody
Why has thy merry face / Laura Lee - Melody
Wilt Thou Be Gone, Love? - Melody


Kind lady, ask me not to sing / I Cannot Sing Tonight - Melody
Round de meadows am a-ringing / Massa's In De Cold Ground - Melody
The land of my home is flitting / Maggie By My Side - Melody
When day breaks forth on the dewy lawn / The Hour For Thee and Me - Melody


Cane Brake Jig - Melody
Fondly old memories recall round my heart / Old Memories - Melody
Little Ella - Melody
Old Folks Quadrille - Melody
The Holiday Scottish - Melody
The morn of life is past / Old Dog Tray - Melody
The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home / My Old Kentucky Home - Melody
There's a Land of Bliss - Melody
There's a wound in my spirit / Annie My Own Love - Melody


Anadolia - Melody
Come with thy sweet voice again - Melody
I dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair - Melody
Jennie's Own Schottisch - Melody
Let us pause in life's pleasures / Hard Times Come Again No More - Melody
Oh! Willie is it you dear / Willie We Have Missed You - Melody
Soft be thy slumbers / Ellen Bayne - Melody
The Social Orchestra - Melody
Village Festival - Melody


Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming - Melody
Oh! Comrades, Fill No Glass for Me - Melody
Some Folks - Melody
The village bells are ringing / The Village Maiden - Melody


Come all ye men of every state / The White House Chair - Melody
On the Seventeenth day of September / The Abolition Show or The Great Baby Show - Melody
The Great Baby Show - Melody
Thou wilt come no more / Gentle Annie - Melody


While the flow'rs bloom in gladness / I See Her Still in My Dreams - Melody


Bloom bright fair flowers around the white stone / My Loved One and My Own - Eva - Melody
Linger in blissful repose - Melody
Little voices laughing free / Where Has Lulu Gone? - Melody
My angel boy, thou'rt nearing fast / My Angel Boy, I Cannot See Thee Die - Melody
Sadly to mine heart appealing - Melody
With a heart forsaken I wander / Lula Is Gone - Melody


Deal with me kindly / Parthenia to Ingomar - Melody
Death with his cold hand / Linda has Departed - Melody
I long for thee; must I long and long in vain? / Thou Art the Queen of my Song - Melody
I'll watch o'er thy dreams when thou'rt sleeping / For Thee Love, For Thee - Melody
Kiss Me, Dear Mother - Melody
The pride of the village and the fairest in the dell / Fairy Belle - Melody


Come, I am longing to hear thee / Beautiful Child of Song - Melody
Fairer than the golden morning / Virginia Belle - Melody
Gone are the days when my heart was young and gay / Old Black Joe - Melody
He'll come home, he'll not forget me / The Wife - Melody
Ho! little girl, so dressed with care! / The Little Ballad Girl - Melody
Jenny's coming o'er the green - Melody
My life is like the summer rose / None Shall Weep a Tear For Me - Melody
Near the broad Atlantic waters / Cora Dean - Melody
Once I could laugh and play / Down Among the Cane-Breaks - Melody
Poor Drooping Maiden - Melody
The Glendy Burke is a mighty fast boat - Melody
Under the willow she's laid with care / Under the Willow She's Sleeping - Melody


A Penny for your thoughts - Melody
A Thousand Miles From Home - Melody
De Shanghai chicken, when you put him in de pit / Don't Bet Your Money On De Shanghai - Melody
Farewell! mother dear, I go - Melody
Farewell Sweet Mother - Melody
I remember the days of our youth and love / Our Bright, Bright Summer Days Are Gone - Melody
I'll Be a Soldier - Melody
Little Belle Blair - Melody
Lizzie Dies Tonight - Melody
Molly dear, I cannot linger / Molly Dear, Good Night - Melody
Nell and I - Melody
Oh! Tell Me of My Mother - Melody
Our Willie, dear, is dying - Melody
Sweet Little Maid of the Mountain - Melody
Thou hast roam'd under summer skies / Mine is the Mourning Heart - Melody
Why Have My Loved Ones Gone - Melody


A Dream of my Mother and my Home - Melody
A lady tossed her curls / There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea - Melody
Beautiful Dreamer, wake unto me / Beautiful Dreamer - Melody
Happy Hours at Home - Melody
I Will be True to Thee - Melody
I'd Be a Fairy - Melody
I'll be Home Tomorrow - Melody
I'm thinking of sweet Lena Clare / Gentle Lena Clare - Melody
Little Jennie Dow - Melody
Merry Little Birds Are We - Melody
Mr. & Mrs. Brown - Melody
No home! no home on my weary way / No Home, No Home - Melody
No one to love in this beautiful world / Why, No One to Love? - Melody
No One to Love - Melody
Slumber my Darling - Melody
The flags are flying / We've a Million in the Field - Melody
There are voices of hope that are borne on the air / Better Times Are Coming - Melody
Was My Brother in the Battle? - Melody
We are coming, Father Abr'am - Melody
We live in hard and stirring times / That's What's the Matter - Melody
We roamed the fields and river sides / The Merry, Merry Month of May - Melody


As you've walked through the town on a fine summer's day / The Song Of All Songs - Melody
Bring my brother back to me - Melody
For the Dear Old Flag I Die - Melody
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread - Melody
He Leadeth Me Beside Still Waters - Melody
I’m nothing but a plain old soldier / Nothing but a Plain Old Soldier - Melody
Jenny June - Melody
Katy Bell - Melody
Larry's Goodbye - Melody
Lay me down where the grass is green, mother / Bury Me in the Morning, Mother - Melody
Leave me With my Mother - Melody
Lena Our Loved One, is Gone - Melody
My boy is coming from the war - Melody
My Wife is a most Known Woman - Melody
Oh! There's No Such Girl as Mine - Melody
Oh! 'tis Glorious - Melody
Oh! Why Am I So Happy? - Melody
Old Uncle Abram wants us / A Soldier in de Colored Brigade - Melody
Onward and Upward - Melody
Seek and Ye Shall Find - Melody
Sitting in the cosy parlor / Kissing in the Dark - Melody
Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me - Melody
Tears Bring Thoughts of Heaven - Melody
The Angels Are Singing Unto Me - Melody
The Beautuful Shore - Melody
The bluebird is singing his lay / Willie Has Gone to the War - Melody
The Love I Bear to Thee - Melody
The Soldier's Home - Melody
There Is a Land of Love - Melody
There Was a Time - Melody
To the fair shores of Eden / The Bright Hills of Glory - Melody
We'll All Meet Our Saviour - Melody
We'll Still Keep Marching On - Melody
When This Dreadful War Is Ended - Melody
While the Bowl Goes Around - Melody
Willie's Gone to Heaven - Melody


In the sad and mournful Autumn / She Was All the World to Me - Melody
Oh! all of you poor single men / If You've Only Got a Moustache - Melody
Sitting by My Own Cabin Door - Melody
Somebody's coming to see me tonight - Melody
Take I pray thee this small locket / Give This to Mother - Melody
Tell Me Love, of Thy Early Dreams - Melody
When Dear Friends Are Gone - Melody
When old friends were here - Melody
Wilt Thou Be True? - Melody


When the twilight shades fall o’er me / The Voices that are Gone - Melody


Oh the dear early days in my own fair land! / Sweet Emerald Isle That I Love So Well - Melody

Currently uncategorized

Byerly's Waltz - Melody
Fighting For the Flag, Day and Night - Melody
Golden Dreams and Fairy Castles - Melody
Gone from my heart the world and all its charm / I Love Him - Melody
Plantation Jig - Melody
Rainbow Schottisch - Melody
Sound the Rally - Melody
Stand Up For the Flag - Melody
The Old Pine Tree - Melody
There's No Such Girl as Mine - Melody
This Rose Will Remind You - Melody
Where Are the Friends of My Youth - Melody

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