Donít Bet Your Money on de Shanghai

Melody - Stephen C. Foster, 1861; Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Stephen C. Foster, 1861

De Shanghai chicken, when you put him in de pit,
Heíll eat a loaf of bread up, but he canít fight a bit
De Shanghai fiddle is a funny little thing
And ebry time you tune him up he goes ching ching.
Oh! de Shanghai!
Donít bet your money on de Shanghai,
Take de little chicken in de middle ob de ring
But donít bet your money on de Shanghai.
2. I go to de fair for to see de funny fowls
De double headed pigion an de one eyed owls
De old lame goose wid no web between his toes
He kills himself a laughing when de Shanghai crows.

3. De Shanghaiís tall but his appetite is small
Heíll only swallow ebry thing that he can overhaul
Four bags of wheat just as certain as your born
A bushel of potatoes and a tub full of corn.

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