Our Bright, Bright Summer Days Are Gone

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1861; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Stephen Foster, 1861

I remember the days of our youth and love,
When we sat 'neath the green oak tree;
When thy smiles were bright as the skies above,
And thy voice made music unto me.
Never more will come those happy, happy hours,
Whiled away in life's young dawn;
Never more we'll roam
Thro' pleasures' sunny bow'rs,
For our bright, bright summer days are gone.
2. I remember the flow'rs that we cull'd by day,
And the vows that we made by night;
I remember the brook where we loved to stray
In the bygone days of our delight.

3. How we joyed when we met, and griev'd to part,
How we sighed when the night came on;
How I longed for thee in my dreaming heart,
Till the first fair coming of the dawn.

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