Ah! My Child! / Ah mon fils

Melody - G. Meyerbeer

Tr. by Stephen Foster, 1851

Ah! my child! Ah! my child!
For thy poor mother
Didst thou them smother
All thy sweet dreams, all thy swwet dreams of Bertha's love?
Ah! my child! Ah! my child!
Thou hast, alas! cast away, for thy mother, e'en more than life,
All the hopes that had warmed thy young heart.
Ah! my child! Ah! my child!
May gracious heaven, may gracious heaven
Receive my supplication!
Angels attend thee,
Spirits defend thee,
My child ever blessed,
Ever blessed, ever blessed be thou!
Ever blessed in heaven,
Blessed in heaven,
My child! My child!
Heavenly blessings be on thee!
Heavenly benedictions rest on thee, my child!
Blessings on thee!

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