Once I Loved Thee, Mary Dear

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1851

William Cullen Crookshank

Once I loved thee, Mary dear,
O how truly!
As the dewdrop bright and clear,
Born but newly,
Sparkling in the solar rays,
To the rosebud's beauty pays
Tribute duly, Tribute duly.
|: Once I loved thee, Mary dear,
O how truly! :|

2. I loved thee, when in early youth
Lovely ever
Virtuous pride and honest truth
Ne'er could sever,
And thy heart was pure and bright
As the early morning's light,
Sinning never, Sinning never.

3. O that dream hath passed away,
Passed full sadly!
Like a genial summer day,
Glowing gladly;
And the tale of life is told,
Passions blighted, withered, cold
Madly, madly, madly, madly,

4. Once I loved thee, Mary dear
Still, God bless thee!
May ever blissful prospects cheer
And joy caress thee;
Though I drain my cups apart,
May, like mine, a saddened heart
Ne'er distress thee

5. Youth will fleet, and age will come,
Slowly, slowly;
Death will beat its muffled drum,
Lowly, lowly:
May the passing moments roll
Bliss eternal to thy soul,
Holy, holy, holy, holy.

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