September 2017


We thank you to take a few minutes to propose songs which can help the integration of young migrants by collective singing. The project ERASMUS+ "Sing me In" is a non-commercial, cooperative European project between 11 cultural organizations, including Musica International.

This call is for you to share your ideas and experiences, so we can collect and develop a repertoire adapted to the purpose.

We believe that collective singing (singing groups, schools, children or youth choirs, etc....) is an effective tool for the integration of migrants of diverse origins. The “Sing Me In” project aims at providing children and youth choir conductors and music teachers with pedagogical approaches and tools that allow collective singing activities to play a positive role in the integration process of young people.

Proposals related to the theme are welcome from all cultures. Find a detailed description of the project and the contributions you can make here: Contact

CHOR.COM in DORTMUND, Germany, September 14-17, 2017

The German and international biennial choral congress, organized by the Deutscher Chorverband. A meeting place for choir conductors, singers, church musicians, music teachers, lecturers, professors and composers.

Musica International will be present. Come and meet us, discover our services, how we can help you in the development and monitoring of your choral repertoire, and how you can contribute to the development of our international project:

Booth #4 of the exhibit, at the Congress Center.

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New members

We are delighted to announce that three publishers have recently joined Musica:

- Fred Bock Music Company (USA)
- Hinshaw Music (USA)
- Pavane Publishing (USA)
grouped under Fred Bock Music Companies

In the coming months we will prioritise or complete our description of these publishers’ editions and set up direct links to their shopping baskets.

A total of 1800 scores from these 3 publishers are already represented in Musica!

Deutscher Chorwettbewerb (German National Choir Competition)
May 5-13, 2018, in Freiburg

The German National Choir Competition is both a competition and a choral encounter. It is also a place of continuous training of the choir conductors, as well as a promotion of contemporary music.

You will be able to consult in a few days the detailed description of all the required works for the contest, with the comprehensivity of information specific to Musica International:

We are looking for help for the translations.

To be truly international, Musica regularly needs the help of translators for various tasks, for example for this MusicaMail, for the texts of the choral pieces (a service highly appreciated by the users), for the website we are presently completely redesigning, ...

Musica works entirely in English, French, German and Spanish. It is a collaborative project where everyone can bring a stone to the building.

If you know at least two of these languages, join the volunteer team that makes our project so unique and useful to the entire world choral community.

Next Musica session

The next Musica session will be held at the University of Strasbourg (France) from October 30 to November 4, 2017. Come and spend a few inspiring days immersed in the choral repertoire. There are already 10 registrations from France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

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Musica sessions offer the perfect opportunity to promote your national choral heritage, a composer, a publisher, a musical style...

Participants help to expand and improve the quality of the project by inputting works of their choosing in a friendly and rewarding atmosphere.

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Favorite piece of the month

"Three Angels", by Ben Parry (UK)

Like every year, a Christmas piece is chosen in September to allow you to program it in your Christmas concerts.

Adieu Georges!

It was with sadness that we learned of the death of Georges David. Georges was for many years and beyond his strength, still a few months ago, a devotee to Musica International.

His friendliness during the sessions he attended remain in the memories of all those who shared it.

His signature "GD" is engraved in nearly 7000 Musica records describing the scores of the library of the former International Center for Choral Music (ICCM), now CAV&MA (Center for Vocal Art and Ancient Music ), Namur (Belgium).

The Musica team and all those who knew him will keep strong and indestructible memories of him.