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Musica International workshops

Martoberdorf Each year, MUSICA International Association leads several workshops aiming to allow you to discover this research tool and at the same time to improving the quality and the quantity of the data of the Musica International database of choral music repertoire. They are organized by the members of MUSICA International and supervised by the international coordination clinicians.

Participants read through choral music scores, enter new data into the database and/or correct and improve already existing records. - Conductors input their favorite pieces;
- Publishers input their publications;
- Composers input their compositions;
- Librarians input the content of their library;
- Musicologists are especially welcome to work on scores of their speciality.

Data entry consists of a comprehensive bibliographic description and an analysis of each score, completed by other more subjective features such as
- appropriate keywords for an efficient search
- the level of difficulty for both conductor and choir to learn and perform
- the musical themes which are keyed in to allow display and direct searching when only a tune is known.
- etc...
When possible, multimedia features like "Image of the first page" of the score, "Sound of an excerpt" from a good interpretation, correct pronunciation of the text (sound file), translations of the text in different languages, are also handled.

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To register or for further details: officeatmusicanet.org