JUNE 2016

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Full privileged access to musicanet.org in all of Canada!

Good news for all Canadian choral musicians:

The National Arts Service Organization "Choral Canada" has become an active member of Musica International.
As a result, all the members of Choral Canada will benefit from full privileged access to www.musicanet.org via the “Members Area” (“Domaine des membres”) link on the www.choralcanada.org homepage, from July 1st, Canada day.

Those living in Quebec already have full privileged access via the “Zone membres” link at the homepage of the Alliance des Chorales du Québec (www.chorales.ca).

This active membership status should also favor the enhancement of the visibility of Canadian choral music in Musica.

USA: five publishers become members of Musica

Don’t forget, first of all, that ACDA members have full privileged access to www.musicanet.org via the “Membership resources” link at www.acda.org!

    We are delighted to announce that US music publisher Musica Russica has become a Musica member.
    Musica Russica is a key reference for Russian and Slavonic choral music.
    Over 600 titles are already described in the Musica database, where certain upgrades will be made, and the latest publications will be added in the coming months.
    These two publishers, which have now joined forces, are already fairly well represented in Musica, with 660 and 2,700 titles respectively. Their referencing will be upgraded and expanded.
  • GIA PUBLICATIONS and WALTON Music : These two publishers, which also recently came together, respectively have already 2,000 and 1,000 items described in Musica. Their referencing will be upgraded and expanded.

next Musica session

The perfect opportunity to promote your national choral heritage, a composer, a publisher, a musical style, etc.
Participants in a Musica session help to expand and improve the quality of the project by inputting works of their choosing in a friendly and rewarding atmosphere. We look forward to welcoming many of you.
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The next session is scheduled at the University of Strasbourg (France) from October 31 to November 5, 2016. Come and spend a few inspiring days immersed in the choral repertoire. Former participants have already signed up from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Canada.
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Interested ? Contact us!

FRANCE: Musica at the

Musica will have a permanent presence at the Conductors’ Club in the Choralies “village”

  • The international coordination office in Strasbourg will transport its entire library of paper editions to the Choralies, where it will be available every day for consultation in situ and cross-referencing to the database.

  • Input area: a place where composers, publishers and directors can learn to input new scores, under the guidance and advice of Musica staff.

  • Jean Sturm, our executive director and the initiator of the project, will give a presentation about Musica on August 10, from 6.15 to 7.15 pm.

FRANCE: Musica at the

Musica International will have a booth in the exhibitors’ area of the International Congress of Choral Directors.
Come and meet us, and let us explain all our tools and services and the benefits that Musica offers.

MUSICA highlights

Every month we propose one of our favourites as a piece for choral directors to take with them to the proverbial desert island. Go to http://www.musicanet.org and select “Favorite piece”.

The choice for June 2016 is "Ah! si mon moine voulait danser" in an arrangement by Donald Patriquin (Canada).

2,500 new composers listed in Musica!

The database of the Union Sainte-Cécile music library (cathedral of Strasbourg) is currently being merged with the Musica database. Once this is completed, the library will be managed directly at musicanet.org, where it will benefit from all our online tools and can be browsed by Musica users.

The final transfer of the data on over 10,000 scores that were not yet catalogued in Musica is still ongoing. However, we have already transferred the details of the 2,500 composers that did not yet have a Musica biography. This gives us a total of more than 32,000 composer biographies in Musica.

Meanwhile we are continuing to review and enhance the other 30,000 composer records, in particular by adding links to detailed external biographies.
The Musica database of composers is fast becoming indispensable for musicians seeking biographical information.
To consult the database, just click on the “Composers’ bio” tab on the homepage.

MEMBERS’ announcements

See the latest “newsflash” issued by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat
Musica International

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